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February 25, 2020

BigID Introduces Machine Learning-Powered Tools for Discovering and Securing ‘Crown Jewel’ Data

Oliver Peckham

As organizations’ data stores grow, managing – and even identifying – that data becomes an increasingly burdensome and intricate task. Now BigID, a data privacy and protection company, has announced a new set of new tools intended to provide organizations with greater power and understanding over sensitive data.

BigID’s announcement focuses on protecting organizations’ “crown jewel” data – that is, their most sensitive, valuable and confidential data, such as client registries, payment information, employee data, or intellectual property. To protect this data, BigID is highlighting six new capabilities:

  • Visibility of at-risk data. BigID’s new tools identify “dark data” (data collected, but largely untouched after collection) across data ecosystems with support for more than 60 connected services (e.g. SMB, NFS, Box, Google Drive, Snowflake, and Outlook).
  • Cluster analysis. Using machine learning, BigID offers insight into duplicate and similar sensitive data.
  • Access intelligence. A new access intelligence dashboard will highlight overexposed and over-permissioned data and encourage remediation practices.
  • Data classification. Again using machine learning, BigID will automatically analyze file content, identify document types, and classify the documents accordingly, operating unsupervised and without needing predefinition of categories or patterns.
  • Automated labeling. Similarly, BigID will enable users to leverage these tools to apply labels to unstructured files.
  • Remediation. BigID will help reduce risks on their sensitive and personal data using a suite of native and partner remediation tools, ranging from the aforementioned automated labeling to policy enforcement and encryption.

“BigID’s next-generation security capabilities help our customers identify and protect the crown jewels of their organization – sensitive and personal data.” said Nimrod Vax, BigID’s head of product. “By applying advanced ML data intelligence and discovery-in-depth technology to data protection, BigID empowers organizations to reduce risk, protect their crown jewels, and get unprecedented coverage and visibility across their enterprise data environment.”

These new tools are an extension of BigID’s announcement from this time last month, which outlined new technology also aimed at visibility and insights for personal and crown jewel data. That announcement highlighted new capabilities for cataloging metadata, machine learning-based classification of data attributes, data governance and data correlation. “BigID’s next generation discovery-in-depth technology is the first and only data intelligence platform to combine ML-based cataloging, classification, cluster Analysis and correlation to give enterprises unmatched situational awareness and actionability across a modern enterprise data landscape,” Vax said in the announcement.

Both announcements come on the heels of strong momentum for BigID in 2020. Less than a week into the new year, BigID announced another $50 million round of financing, bringing it to a total of $144 million.

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