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November 12, 2019

Mobile Coding is a Thing

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Distance, or online, learning is growing in popularity as a tool for addressing skills gaps in disciplines such as data science. Among the most popular courses available on these platforms are software coding courses offered by groups such as DataCamp.

The online data science platform recently introduced “mobile coding courses” that expand its data science track on the popular Python language to cover topics ranging from fundamentals of the programming language to loading data into different file formats.

DataCamp offers a methodology to interactive learning similar to language learning sites like Duilingo. The “gamified” approach provides mobile users with a “bite-sized” lessons that can be completed while commuting to work, standing on line or others times when users are away from their desktop computer.

The mobile courses are designed to work across iOS and Android devices; users can later continue where they left off on their desktop machine.

The mobile course seeks to address constraints faced by business users who often simply lack the time to learn coding basics, said Martijn Theuwissen, DataCamp’s co-founder.

The mobile coding effort’s emphasis on Python reflects the programming language’s growing popularity as a general-purpose tool for data scientists. Among the reasons are a growing number of libraries for exploring big data sets.

DataCamp’s mobile coding approach puts a new spin on efforts like traditional data science boot camps that offer students intensive training.

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