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September 18, 2019

Database, Data Management Upgrades Keep Coming

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Data analytics and database vendors vendor continue to churn out new versions of their platforms that integrate new features like cloud-native functionality and more granular views of structured and unstructured data. The latter is intended to help manage soaring data volumes in hopes of ensuring analysts that they can trust data.

Two more turned up this week: Tableau Software released expanded data and server management capabilities while database startup Yugabyte updated its distributed SQL platform to enable users to scale data applications.

Based on Google Cloud Spanner relational database service, Yugabyte DB is an open-source, cloud-native distributed SQL database. Version 2.0 released on Tuesday (Sept. 17) moves the startup’s relational distributed SQL API to production.

“Distributed SQL appeals broadly to both startups and large enterprises looking to adopt cloud-native technologies for their entire software stack, which includes database infrastructure,” Kannan Muthukkaruppan, Yugabyte’s founder and CEO, noted in a blog post.

Along with attributes like data resilience and geographic distribution, the updated database also retains PostgreSQL compatibility. Those compatibility features include simple and complex PostgreSQL data types, distributed transactions and indexing. Several PostgreSQL extensions also have been tested to with Yugabyte DB 2.0.

The startup also claimed a ten-fold boost in database scaling compared with Amazon Web Service’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) Aurora relational database, according to the latest SQL benchmarks on AWS.

Meanwhile, Seattle-based Tableau this week announced a set of new capabilities in the form of a “catalog” designed to improve visibility and data discovery. Also announced on Wednesday (Sept. 18) was a server management “add-on” intended to help manage enterprise deployments of the Tableau server.

The catalog, which is included as part of a data management add-on, allows users to curate data, track how and by whom it is being used while alerting those users to data changes or quality issues.

The data management tools that also include a data “prep conductor” are billed as improving data usage within an analytics environment by ensuring data freshness and that “trusted data is always used to drive decisions,” the Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) analytics unit noted.

Tableau’s server management add-on seeks to help deploy data analytics at scale by streamlining management of mission-critical application deployments. Features include a resource monitoring function, content migration tool, the option to host a server metadata repository externally on Amazon RDS Postgres and integration with Amazon’s Key Management Service.

Tableau said its server management add-on is available for $3.00 per user per month.

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