August 14, 2019

Rubrik Tunes Upgrade to VMware Users

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Rubrik, the multi-cloud data manager, unveiled the latest version of its Andes platform this week with upgrades aimed at technology partner VMware covering automated disaster recovery orchestration, data classification and tighter security.

Those improvements span Rubrik’s cloud data management and Polaris software services platforms, combining the management, governance and orchestration of data across datacenters and cloud deployments.

Rubik, Palo Alto, Calif., said Wednesday (Aug. 14) the Andes upgrade targets customers currently running on VMware (NYSE: VM) infrastructure. The company noted in a blog post that Andes 5.1 includes VMware-certified and natively-integrated data protections.

Other new VMware features allow administrators to assign service-level agreement domains to vSphere clusters along with the ability to prevent interference with data governance policies such as deleting archival and data replication locations.

The feature is intended for customers in regulated industries in order to comply with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules regarding so-called “write once, read many” media formats.

The upgrade also includes a new application called Polaris AppFlows designed to simplify disaster recovery orchestration. The new disaster recovery feature utilizes protected data and workloads already running in the Rubrik environment. It also automates conversion of VMware virtual machine snapshots into Amazon Web Services (NASDAQ: AMZN)

Elastic Compute Cloud instances. Hence, Rubrik claimed, the new orchestration provides a framework for mapping VMware environments into AWS while easing steps like testing from VMware datacenters to the AWS cloud.

Rubrik also said customers with large-scale AWS and Microsoft Azure (NASDAQ: MSFT) deployments could use the upgrades to unify data management in hybrid cloud infrastructure using its Polaris GPS platform that provides a set of service policies.

Rubrik also this week re-launched its Rubrik Datos IO as Rubrik Mosaic. The former Datos IO platform provided backup and recovery for NoSQL workloads that are steadily shifting to the cloud. The rebranded NoSQL data manager will be available soon on the Azure Marketplace.

Along with supporting backup and recovery of MongoDB 4.0, Mosaic also integrates with DevOps tools such as Ansible along with Splunk and other monitoring tools.

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