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March 26, 2019

Neo4j Expands Startup Access to Graph Database

Graph database specialist Neo4j is expanding free access to its enterprise platform for startup companies, a move the company said would help later-stage entrepreneurs expand their data visualization efforts as that market continues to heat up.

The company said Tuesday (March 26) it would extend free access to its enterprise edition to startups with up to 50 employees and less than $3 million in annual revenues. Previously, the program covered startups with fewer than 20 employees.

The expanded access includes Neo4j’s Bloom, a graph data visualization tool aimed at both novices and data scientists. The interface is designed to facilitate collaboration between development teams and managers. The startup program also provides support for GraphQL, the emerging language designed to simplify how developers use APIs to transfer data into applications.

The upgraded access also includes integration with Apache Kafka, along with a collection of graph algorithms and machine learning libraries, Neo4j said.

A total of 651 companies ranging from geolocation to aerospace startups signed up for Neo4j’s access program last year.

Among the graph database vendor’s more than 300 enterprise customers are AirBnB, Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE), EBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) and NASA.

“Our Startup Program aims to give back to the startup community and make graph technology available for the data infrastructures that will thrive on connections and drive innovation,” said Emil Eifrem, Neo4j’s founder and CEO

Neoj4 said the free licenses granted under its startup initiative do not include enterprise support. However, entrepreneurs would qualify for reduced support pricing.

A sign-up page for the free access program is here.

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