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February 8, 2019

GridGain Expands Support for Apache Ignite

Staff report

Enterprise support for Apache Ignite, the open source distributed database for in-memory computing applications, is being expanded for Ignite users.

GridGain Systems, which transferred Ignite to the open source community in 2014, said this week it is offering support subscriptions to Ignite users. The package includes help troubleshooting performance or reliability bugs and suggesting workarounds and software patches along with fine-tuning configurations.

GridGain, Foster City, Calif., claims thousands of Apache Ignite deployments around the world since the company donated source code to the Apache Software Foundation. “GridGain now offers these organizations access to the world’s most experienced Apache Ignite professionals to ensure production-quality results,” said Abe Kleinfeld, president and CEO of GridGain.

The support package is priced at $2,500 per year. It covers an individual computing unit consisting of four cores and 16 GB of memory.

GridGain also is among a growing number of in-memory database vendors emphasizing data persistence, high availability and, most recently immediate cluster restarts. In January, the company added a disk-based data persistence feature that can be used for immediate data access in the event of a cluster restart.

GridGain pitches its cloud-based, in-memory database service as disseminating data across distributed clusters of servers. New nodes can be added to clusters on the fly.

It previously added a “cluster snapshot” capability to position Apache Ignite as an in-memory data grid that can run either with existing relational, NoSQL and Hadoop databases or operate as a standalone transactional SQL database augmented with persistent storage features.

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