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April 17, 2018

Hortonworks Upgrades Data Plane Service


The data management market continues to explode, reflecting the growing demand for automated services that can help companies access soaring data volumes spread across datacenters and cloud repositories.

With that in mind, Hortonworks announced this week it is expanding its Data Plane Service released last September to include a new “data steward studio” designed to provide a consistent level of governance and security across far-flung data lakes.

Hortonworks (NASDAQ: HDP) said Tuesday (April 17) its new data studio is intended to help enterprises gauge data “trust levels” as a way of boosting collaboration. The company, Santa Clara, Calif., adds that the new tool addresses growing requirements for real-time “trusted” data as repositories bulge. Those requirements include integration, curation and governance of data assets.

As data becomes dispersed among different repositories, Hortonworks maintains that more time is being spent tracking down various “slices” that must be identified, cleaned and integrated before it can be analyzed. New European data governance regulations taking effect in May only increase the need for a “comprehensive view of data lineage,” the company noted in announcing the new data management service.

Along with new data lineage tools designed to help comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the data steward organizes by business application and level of required protection. Once curated, data can then be searched by data scientists and analysts by classification.

The tool also includes security features for establishing company-wide data governance policies and access controls covering corporate data and metadata.

“Our enterprise customers need a faster and easier wayto understand, connect, secure and govern data types consistently across enterprise data lakes,” said Hortonworks CTO Scott Gnau.

The web-based data plane service rolled out last fall helps manage the security and governance of data that could reside in a Hadoop cluster, a stream processing system, or an enterprise data warehouse sitting on premise, in the public cloud or a combination of both.

Separately, Hortonworks released updates to its Data Lifecyle Manager (DLM) to provide data replication capabilities for hybrid cloud deployments. The new version allows data replication across on-premise private storage and public clouds.

The company’s data management tools are part of a larger effort to create management layer known as a “data fabric.” The federated data plane framework allows users to connect to data sets residing in preferred repositories.

“You go to our service, then you point our service to your data assets and workloads, and we can start to manage it,” Arun Murthy, Hortonworks’ co-founder and chief product officer, told Datanami last fall in describing it data plane service.

Hortonworks said the new data steward also is delivered as a service that leverages open source technologies such as Apache Atlas and Apache Ranger. A technical preview is available now. The generally available version of data steward service and the next version of DLM are scheduled for release by the end of the second quarter of 2018.

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