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March 28, 2018

Oracle Rolls Out ‘Autonomous Data Warehouse’

Oracle Corp. released the first of what it says will be a string of cloud platform services based on machine learning that are designed to differentiate the cloud upstart from public cloud giant Amazon Web Services (NASDAQ: AMZN).

Larry Ellison, Oracle’s CTO and board chairman, wasted no time during a company event this week laying out “our strategy versus Amazon,” announcing general availability of its “autonomous data warehouse cloud.” The overarching goal is reducing costs, speeding application development and boosting database security via automated services. Ellison said the approach moves beyond the AWS infrastructure-as-a-service model to deliver “a complete suite of platform services that are at a higher level than low-level infrastructure stuff.”

“Our strategy going forward is to develop a high-level layer of software called PaaS services that sit on top of infrastructure,” Ellison said Tuesday (March 27). “Rather than developing database applications like you used to develop, you’ll have a new set of tools for application development [of] database services that are not business as usual….” Instead, “you’ll be using these very high-level services that allow you to build applications much faster.”

Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) announced is autonomous database approach last fall. The platform in beta testing since then is now generally available. Seldom one to understate his case, Ellison said Oracle’s autonomous database “is probably the most important thing we have ever done” in data management.

“We need automated systems, intelligent systems to protect our data,” he added.

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