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February 9, 2018

AI Development Gets a Blockchain Boost

George Leopold


Among the approaches to ramping up AI innovation is applying blockchain technology as a new kind of marketplace to help open-source developers find AI building blocks that can be quickly implemented. In turn, the digital ledger technology can be used to compensate code jockeys who built the components.

Two blockchain startups announced a partnership this week to create a clearinghouse for open source AI development tools. The goal is to help unlock the potential of AI by making the technology accessible, affordable and easier to use.

SingularityNET, a startup developing a blockchain-based platform that would serve as a marketplace for AI services, said Thursday (Feb. 8) it is collaborating with FundRequest, which is building a collaborative platform for AI developers. FundRequest bills itself as more than just a project funding platform by providing a support layer designed to connect developers with open source projects.

The partners cast the collaborations as a “two-way street” in which SingularityNET delivers a large community of dispersed AI developers while FundRequest matches freelance developers to projects.

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