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January 31, 2018

Turnkey Data Platform Aims to Speed AI Deployment

With the laudable goal of using data to improve the human condition, a data operations vendor focused primarily on the healthcare market is rolling out a turnkey data science platform designed to accelerate development and deployment of AI products and services.

John Snow Labs of Lewes, Delaware, bills its offering as the first white label data science platform for building and scaling AI models on existing on-premise or cloud infrastructure. The turnkey system includes source code along with the ability to modify and extend code as needed, thereby eliminating licensing costs associated with proprietary platforms.

The upshot, the company claims, is deployment of live AI and other models in production within three months.

The turnkey platform is being offered with three operating options. Initially, users could deploy and independently operate a custom platform. The next step includes a software maintenance contract to gain access to new data science and big data libraries. The third option is a managed data science platform that would allow users to focus on model and application development.

User would be able to switch between those options as they scale the platform and model development, the company said.

The vendor said this week is seeks to tap into a global data science platform market estimated to be growing at a nearly 40 percent compound annual growth rate. That works out to about $385 billion by 2025. The market is being fueled by the rise of AI and the corresponding democratization of data that allows smaller companies to leverage large data sets.

Market tracker Gartner Inc. (NYSE: IT) estimates the data science platform market will grow to more than $101 billion by 2021.

“We are seeing a surge in the need for this new product category,” the company noted in a statement. “Business require the ability to build and deploy state of the art models, get to market as fast as possible, and scale quickly across teams, products and customers.”

“Integrating and preparing data for analysis, providing high-productivity modeling tools and enabling fast implementation at scale takes a lot of time and effort to get right,” added Ali Naqvi, a product manager at John Snow Labs.

The company is seeking to differentiate itself in a crowded data science platform market by offering a enterprise-grade white label platform that runs counter to prevailing proprietary platforms offered by market leaders such as IBM (NYSE: IBM), SAS, RapidMiner and KNIME.

Similar approaches have emerged over the last year from upstarts like Iquazio, which last September released a unified data science platform aimed at reducing data pipeline complexity with a turnkey system. Like John Snow Labs, the goal is to accelerate development and deployment of machine learning and AI models.

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