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January 17, 2018

Adobe Adds Hadoop Link to Marketing Platform

Adobe Systems is expanding access to consumer and other external data on its Campaign platform with a connector to Hadoop.

The Hadoop connector to Adobe Campaign, the company’s digital marketing platform, expands access to big data that was ramped up with the release of connectors to Amazon Redshift (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Pivotal Software’s Greenplum cloud database technology. The platform also offers connections to database vendors such as Oracle (NYSE: ORCL) and Teradata (NYSE: TDC).

The addition of the Hadoop connector would, for example, would give marketers direct access to big data. “Without the Hadoop connector, this would be especially troublesome for customers with big data storage,” Matthew Rawding, product marketing manager for Adobe Campaign, noted in a blog posted on Tuesday (Jan. 16).

Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE) said the Hadoop connector would help eliminate the need for complex migrations and reformatting of transaction history and other external data. Among the applications foreseen by connecting the marketing platform to Hadoop are banks detecting fraud and notifying customers via Adobe Campaign. Others include leveraging transaction and customer loyalty information stored in Hadoop to personalize marketing efforts.

In one scenario, the company envisions promotional campaigns using transaction data stored in Hadoop to segment customers by purchasing history. That information would then be used to personalize emails by customer segments, the company explained.

The Hadoop connector is part of a broader push by Adobe into big data analytics that includes its Sensei artificial intelligence and machine-learning framework. “This requires massive amounts of up-to-date data about customers, typically stored in a big data platform, to build accurate data models,” Rawding said. Hence, the upgraded Campaign platform could deliver analytics applications such as “predicting the open rate of an email based on the words used in the subject line,” he added.

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