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September 18, 2017

IBM Offers Cloud Storage Via UPS


The rise of streaming analytics, and with it ever-greater volumes of big data in motion, is prompting new ways to “transport” data that is increasing ending up in the cloud.

With an eye on remote users with limited network access, IBM this week literally rolled out a portable data storage device designed to securely migrate as much as 120 Tb of encrypted data to the company’s cloud platform. The storage device on wheels uses 256-bit encryption to secure data during transport and ingestion along with RAID drive failure tolerance for archiving data.

IBM pitches the data migration scheme as allowing customers to copy data to the device and ship it to IBM where data is offloaded to object storage and made accessible across the IBM cloud. The “mass migration” of up to 120 Tb of data takes as little as a week, with United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS) next-day delivery included, IBM said Monday (Sept. 18).

The data transport systems works like this: a customer submits a “mass data migration” request; in response, IBM then ships a pre-configured device that is connected to a company network and the encrypted data pool is unlocked. The encrypted data is then stored and returned to IBM, which transfers the data to its cloud object storage platform.

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