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February 22, 2017

Reltio Previews Upgraded Cloud Data Manager

Reltio, the cloud data management specialist whose platform automatically sources, prepares and analyzes data, said it is readying the latest version of its cloud platform that adds integration and collaboration features intended to boost real-time analytics.

Reltio, Redwood Shores, Calif., announced the “preview” release of its Cloud 2017.1 touted as handling hundreds of terabytes of enterprise data, management of multi-domain entities and relationships via storage across Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, graph stores and other data storage technologies.

Other scaling attributes include the ability to handle millions of real-time API calls on a daily basis, allowing users to access data via a range of interfaces with real-time synchronization to external applications.

The vendor also announced on Wednesday (Feb. 22) it is expanding a partnership with data and applications integrator SnapLogic Inc. to embed the latter’s enterprise cloud into the Reltio’s upgraded cloud platform. The combination is designed to give users an easier way to load and synchronize data from the Reltio cloud. The cloud connector is currently available to “early access” customers, the partners said.

Reltio also announced a partnership with business management consultant Dun & Bradstreet to tie its data to the upgraded cloud data management platform. The data service would help integrate Dun & Bradstreet’s account information, creating new operational account hierarchies for specific financial products.

Along with financial services and business consulting, Reltio has targeted its cloud data management platform across a range of industries, including healthcare, life sciences and pharmaceuticals as well as retail and entertainment.

As it seeks to expand globally, the platform vendor also is stressing easier “configuration of dependent lookups based on multiple attributes.” That capability would allow users to, for example, specific a country code, an organization type such as a partner company as a way to narrow the list of values used in a search.

Also included in the upgrade is a “dynamic operational values” tool that allows values to be configured based on country or type of organization.

Reltio and a growing number of data management specialists also are betting that Fortune 500 companies spending billions of dollars on organizing data are looking for ways to repackage and sell that information. “Yes, they want to improve efficiencies of their business and consolidate the cost of IT,” Ramon Chen, Reltio’s chief marketing officer, told Datanami last year. “But the ulterior motive here is that data is valuable. They can sell that data for a whole heap of money.”

The latest version of the company’s platform “continues our emphasis of a single modern data management [platform service] for both global operational execution and analytical insight at scale,” the company added in a statement.

The cloud data management platform is currently in preview mode, and will be demonstrated on Feb. 27-28 during a data management event in San Francisco.

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