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October 24, 2016

Why Wait? Acquire the analytics solutions you need now. Defer payments until 2017.

The last quarter of the year is a time when many businesses and organizations face two competing challenges: building out analytics solutions and infrastructure to deal with a surge in new opportunities, and managing to budgets that have been depleted or tapped out completely.  Unexpected expenditures incurred earlier in the year coupled with budget cuts later on can impact an organization’s ability to capture new business, analyze data previously collected, and prepare for IT needs in the next year.

Even if a business or organization is on track with their spending allotments coming into the last quarter, they may have new projects in plan to begin in the next fiscal year when budgets are refreshed.  Such groups would likely benefit from starting those projects earlier if they could leverage next year’s funds this year.

In both of these situations– customers with depleted budgets, and those wanting to start a project early – flexible financing can help.  In this case, the financing tool available from IBM Global Financing is the payment deferral option.  With this option customers can acquire hardware, software and services now in Q4 and defer the first payment on their lease or loan for up to 90 days.  And this applies to solutions from IBM and non-IBM IT suppliers.

It’s very simple: sign a deal today, start your project in 2016, pay nothing for 90 days, then proceed with the payment plan beginning in 2017 when your new budget is in place.  Benefit from the solution now; start paying later.

For example, a customer anticipating a fourth quarter upswing in buyer activity who wants to expand an IBM Analytics solution in response can deploy that solution right away, even if their budget is challenged, and defer the first payment until next year.

Here’s another example. For customers interested in IBM flash storage – a leader in the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for solid-state arrays1 – IBM Global Financing can offer an interest free deferral option in which payment starts January 1, 2017.  Not only can customers delay payment, in this case they also benefit from 0 percent financing.

If any of your essential projects are at risk of being pushed into 2017, or you have strategic projects planned for launch in 2017 but wish you could start them now, there’s no need to delay.

IBM Analytics offers a complete portfolio of big data and analytics solutions to fuel your cognitive business. Our solutions enable your organization to engage with data to answer the toughest business questions, uncover patterns and pursue breakthrough ideas.  And coupled with the payment deferral option from IBM Global Financing, you can deploy your solution right away.

Why Wait? Acquire the analytics solutions you need now and defer payments until 2017.

IBM Global Financing provides the purchasing power to create the competitive advantage and financial stability you need to save, re-invest and innovate. We offer a range of customizable payment plans, with simple contracts, rapid approvals and flexible payment structures.

We serve a wide range of clients, from small businesses to the majority of the Fortune Global 100 companies. Of course, the best financing strategy is one tailored to your organization’s goals, which is why we’ve developed our full suite of customizable financing solutions.

To learn more about payment deferral and other payment options, visit and contact your IBM representative to arrange a payment plan that works for you.