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June 7, 2016

Intel Xeon E7 Balloons In-memory Capacity, Targets Real-Time Analytics

Doug Black

Who crunches more data faster, wins. It’s this drive that cuts through and clarifies the essence of the evolutionary spirit in the computer industry, the dual desire to get to real time with bigger and bigger chunks of data. The locomotive: HPC technologies adapted to enterprise mission-critical data analytics.

With its memory capacity of up to 24TB in an eight-socket system, the largest capacity in the industry according to Intel, the new Xeon processor E7-8800/4800 v4 allows massive datasets to be stored in memory in support of real-time data analytics applications. The processor family offers traditional four- and eight-socket support and is designed for configurations up to 256 sockets via third-party node controllers. It is used in OEM system designs that currently feature up to 64 sockets.

The result: up to 2X more analytic query performance, according to Pat Buddenbaum, general manager of Intel’s Enterprise IT Solutions. He emphasized that the new processor is targeting the real-time, mission critical space across multiple industries and applications, including fraud and intrusion detection, power grid outage response, high volume trading and customer engagement.

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