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May 17, 2016

DDN Flashes New All-flash Arrays for Enterprise Use Cases at Scale

Doug Black

DDN, a high-end storage standard bearer, this morning joined the ranks of storage vendors offering new all-flash technology with the launch of Flashscale, a family of all-flash, scale-out and scale-up products designed for read, write and mixed workloads for enterprise data analytics, web scale cloud and HPC environments.

Available in August, the SFA14KXi (the first model number within the Flashscale family) is targeted at organizations demanding storage platforms that deliver high performance capacity and latency across massive stores of data types and applications, including analytics and database acceleration in Hadoop environments in the financial services, life sciences, healthcare, manufacturing and energy sectors. Use cases include fraud detection, IOT / sensor data capture and analysis and real-time data processing.

DDN said the availability of the all-flash array extends DDN’s end-to-end storage line, starting with tape and object-based storage through to the new flash technology, enabling customers to store and utilize data via the most cost-effective and performance-appropriate storage medium according to where it resides within the data life-cycle.

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