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December 17, 2015

New NVIDIA GPU Drives Launch of Facebook’s ‘Big Sur’ Deep Learning Platform

Doug Black

NVIDIA’s new Tesla M40 GPU, introduced last month, is the chip of choice to power the Big Sur system, which was designed by Facebook AI Research (FAIR) beginning in mid-2014 to support development of more sophisticated models and new classes of advanced applications. The system includes eight Tesla M40s, packing total throughput of nearly 60 TF and 96GB of memory.

“We’ve been working (with Facebook) on Big Sur since the middle of last year,” Ian Buck, vice president of accelerated computing at NVIDIA, told EnterpriseTech, “giving them early access to the M40 and having our systems engineers help them fit the M40s inside of their platform. Putting that much horsepower in a single server is a challenging task. They’ve designed quite an elegant solution that can fully power and cool that number of GPUs and deliver maximum performance.”

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