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July 23, 2015

Embedded Analytics Upgrade Looks to Bypass IT

Seeking to break down barriers to bypassing the IT department to deliver “self-service” analytics, embedded analytics specialist Logi Analytics has rolled out an upgraded platform that can be customized for individual enterprise users.

Logi Analytics, McLean, Va., said this week its Logi 12 platform attempts to address the growing need to get around the one-size-fits-all approach to business intelligence and enterprise analytics. It cited a recent study that found fully 93 percent of enterprises want to deliver access to business data without the help of IT administrators. Still, only 22 percent of study respondents reported they have access to or can use self-service business intelligence tools.

The company said it wants to address the troubling industry trend in which business intelligence vendors tend to focus on one type of user at the expense of others.

As part of its self-service analytics push, Logi said it has added a “discovery module” along with a data hub to its analytics platform. The module uses visualizations provided “within the context of the applications that workers, clients, and vendors use every day, rather than solely in standalone discovery tools,” the company said. The user interface also can be customized by IT prior to being embedded into existing applications.

The module comes as an add-on to Logi Info, the company’s analytics platform for business users.

The new data hub is designed to speed data connection, preparation and performance for self-service analytics on data derived from multiple cloud applications, databases or spreadsheets.

Meanwhile, the company’s self-service analytics application, Logi Vision, now incorporates an upgraded data visualization recommendation engine that learns from user activities. New project templates are designed to speed data discovery with pre-populated data connections, visualizations and dashboards that only require users to only plug in their data to begin analyses.

Self-service capabilities have also been expanded in Logi Info via an upgraded “self-service reporting module.” An updated user interface, faster creation of data visualizations, more granular control for analytical actions and additional data visualizations is designed to allow users to build customized reports and dashboards.

Logi Analytics business strategy rests on the premise that embedded analytics, the integration of analytic capabilities within business applications, are becoming more pervasive as software vendors and software-as-a-service providers embrace the approach.

In its annual survey of the embedded analytics market released in March, Logi Analytics found that 65 percent of application providers it contacted embed business intelligence and analytics into their products and services. What’s more, the rate at which embedded analytics is being adopted has grown to 40 percent of respondents’ total base of business analytics users.

The company claimed that total is 10 percent higher than adoption of traditional business intelligence tools.

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