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October 16, 2014

Predixion Update Seeks to Ease Analytics Deployment

Continuing a trend toward easing the deployment of analytics while expanding access beyond data analysts to decision makers, analytics vendor Predixion Software has released the latest version of its predictive analytics platform.

Predixion, San Juan Capistrano, Calif., said Oct. 15 version 4.0 of its “Insight” platform aims to expand access to predictive analytics to a range of production environments in vertical markets like health care and financial services. The company specializes in the “last mile of analytics,” that is, delivering predictive analytics tools to those who actually make business decisions.

Predixion Software CEO Simon Arkell stressed the increasing difficulty of gaining a return on investments in big data technologies. In a statement, Arkell noted that the company’s latest release eases deployment of predictive analytics by “embed[ding] them directly into workflows and endpoints where it will generate the most value.”

The company also cited a Gartner analysis that found the percentage of enterprises that have implemented predictive analytics has remained “surprisingly flat.” Hence, the need for a platform that speeds and targets deployment of predictive analytics tools within customers’ decision-making workflows, Predixion asserted.

The company said its latest release speeds cloud-based deployment by leveraging existing predictive analytics assets such as machine learning libraries and statistical programming languages. To that end, the updated version also supports PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language) integration. That, the company said, speeds deployment of scripts and packages created in other predictive modeling tools.

Version 4.0 also combines structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, providing visualizations and summaries while “shaping” data to speed the preparation process. It also provides a platform to promote collaboration among analysts and data scientists, the company said.

The upgraded analytics platform also integrates a “machine language semantic model” that is billed as providing a “deploy anywhere” capability, including with applications, databases, data stores, real-time engines, device and machines. The company said the patent pending technology provides much of the foundation for deploying predictive analytics into a variety of real-time production environments.

Lastly, version 4.0 includes an accelerator framework to speed up creation of web-based applications, reducing from weeks to days the time required to deploy applications running predictive analytics.

The latest version specifically targets vertical markets like health care, finance and industrial sectors like aerospace that rely heavily on automation and sensors, the company said.

The cloud-based analytics vendor has recently tightened its focus on the health care sector with a pair of announcements. Earlier this month it disclosed a partnership to co-develop new predictive analytics offerings designed to help health care groups manage their services. Predixion also recently announced it was joining’s Analytics Cloud Ecosystem.

The company said at this week’s Strata + Hadoop World in New York City that Predixion Insight 4.0 is available immediately.

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