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April 14, 2014

Fast Database Deal Seeks to Squeeze Revenue From Real-Time Analysis

George Leopold

A speedy operational database integrated with a real-time analytics platform widely used by telecommunications service providers could help carriers extract information about millions of mobile subscribers, then monetize data through revenue generators like contextual advertising.

VoltDB (Bedford, Mass.) and big data analytics specialist Flytxt, based in The Netherlands, announced a technology partnership on April 14 aimed at digesting and acting on real-time customer data before it becomes stale. The partners said Flytxt has integrated VoltDB’s in-memory operation database with the Dutch vendor’s big data analytics platform. Flytxt said its telecom provider customers are already using its platform to collect billions of daily events in real time from more than 200 million mobile subscribers. The platform is then used to extract customer data.

The deal with VoltDB would take the process a step further by allowing customers to analyze data for trends that could result in new revenues.

Flytxt CEO Prateek Kapadia said in a statement that the platform integration deal would speed the transformation of “high volume, high variety, high velocity network, usage, billing and other data streams [to monetize traffic] for our CSP customers.”

The VoltDB platform is designed to extract intelligence from real-time data. “Mobile service providers are striving to be able to analyze and interact with customer data as it arrives,” said Bruce Reading, VoltDB’s CEO.

VoltDB’s in-memory analytics and scalable architecture would enhance the Flytxt platform’s ability to help service providers engage with customers and boost revenues through new offerings like contextual ads.

Flytxt promotes it big data application as helping carriers generate new revenue streams using advanced analytical tools. Platforms and applications are built around big data technologies that interpret, infer, and predict key performance indicators along with other insights like recommendations and actions. These are derived from large volumes of subscriber data generated by mobile carriers.

When combined with VoltDB’s technology, Flytxt said its new integrated analytics platform could more quickly generate behavioral, threshold, and transaction triggers based on real-time analysis.

VoltDB has worked with large clients like IBM on database integration projects designed to enable real-time access to data as well as the ability to mine historical data to spot patterns and trends. The database combined historical and “in-the-moment” data, VoltDB said.

“Time is the enemy of data,” the company insists, hence its technology integrates very fast in-memory operational database that delivers extremely high read and write speeds. The vendor also claims these and other attributes allow customers to come up with new ways to identify and act on “in-the-moment” data.

Flytxt claims customer deployments of its Neon big data analytics platform cover more than 500 million subscribers around the world. The company announced a deal in February with MTN, the largest telecom group in the fast-growing African mobile market.

The Dutch company’s big data customers include 50 telecom service providers in 32 countries.

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