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December 11, 2013

Talend Gets a $40M Shot in the Integration Arm

Data integration software vendor Talend has been very busy in 2013, preparing itself for what looks to be an inevitable IPO. In October, the company hired a new CEO, Mike Tuchen. Today, Tuchen announced Talend closed on a $40 million funding windfall from the investment arm of the French government.

Talend offers a host of integration solutions that help organizations manage, clean, and integrate data for use in analytics and applications. With the advent of such technologies as Hadoop and the cloud, Talend has seen an increase in interest in its products as organizations look to leverage data streams for these purposes.

“The big data market is exploding right now due to the disruptive economics of Hadoop, and it’s evolving faster than any other part of the IT landscape,” explained Tuchen. “Our native Hadoop approach allows customers to take advantage of the largest set of connectors to bring data in, and then transform and cleanse the data at full speed across their entire cluster – with no additional software to install on every node.  That ‘zero footprint’ native approach allows customers to take full advantage of Hadoop’s scalability, and not incur any additional deployment, management or monitoring overhead.”

According to Tuchen’s statement, the new funding round is essentially found money. “Although we weren’t out fundraising at this point, the funding is a terrific opportunity for Talend,” said Tuchen. “It allows us to accelerate some investments that we would otherwise have made a year or two from now in product innovation and go to market.”

The new funding round, which brings Talend’s funding total to $101.6 million, elevates Talend’s profile in the fast evolving world of integration where players like IBM, Oracle, TIBCO, and SnapLogic are all making cases for their own offerings in the rising era of cloud, big data, and mobile computing. Tuchen says that Talend will attack this market by expanding its big data capabilities, including the streaming of real time data. The company also expects to expand its inside sales as well as its partner and channel ecosystems.

The round, led by BpiFrance, a public investment house funded by the French government, kicks off a fresh round of buzz about Talend being one of the next players on the fast growing roster of potential IPO candidates in the near future. According to TechCruch, BpiFrance has a reputation for helping companies do initial public offerings.

“We’re building a fast growing market leader which we believe has the potential to go public,” Tuchen said in the report. “Of course, the standard caveats apply about not being able to predict the future.”

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