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April 12, 2013

HP Vertica Showcased at Bloomberg Conference

Ian Armas Foster

HP has been making a lot of noise in the big data space, especially with their Vertica platform and this week’s launch of HP Moonshot. As such, Colin Mahony, General Manager of HP Vertica, participated in the Bloomberg Big Data Conference in Washington D.C., where he discussed how Vertica has revamped HP.

“Vertica,” Mahony said in a video shot at the conference, “is a purpose-built fully relational database platform that is meant to do analytics. Specifically, real time analytics at massive scale.” The real time analytics at massive scale component is what has HP in the big data game, complimenting their cloud and security packages.

“If you look at the four pillars of HP, we have cloud, we have security, mobility, and information management or big data,” Mahony said.

HP Vertica attracted a significant amount of attention recently as they were a big part of the presidential re-election campaign. More of their notable use cases come in the world of sports. Indeed, next week HP will be hosting a big data in sports webinar that will undoubtedly cover their work with organizers of the Super Bowl, the San Francisco 49ers, and Major League Baseball among others.

Another significant use case, according to Mahony? Themselves, as HP does require a decent amount of analytics to handle their various products and services. “Vertica is actually used internally at HP in a variety of different use cases.” Mahony went on to explain how the company’s website is using these analytics to point customers toward products and to prevent fraud detection. “ takes all of the log data, all of the clickstream data and they do their analytics in Vertica in near real time to figure out better ways to position products and to make sure there’s no fraudulent behavior.”

As the ability to store, process, and analyze big data grows, so too does the demand to do more and more of that in real time. This is why Mahony and Vertica are aggressively putting themselves out there. “We’re trying to take Vertica and embed it into as many products and services as we can,” Mahony said.

Either way, Vertica figures to be a big data player, a prospect that excites Mahony as the ‘tectonic shift’ in information management continues. “It’s an exciting time for us to be part of this organization, to see the turnaround happen literally in real time and it is fun for us to be part of the solution.”

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