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March 6, 2012

SAS Extends Integration with Hadoop

Datanami Staff

SAS has announced that users of their Enterprise Data Integration Server can make the Hadoop connection with the release of their latest string of updates.  ;

Hadoop will join the ranks of other data source options within their Data Integration Server, including Oracle. DB2, SQL Server, Teradata (and Aster), Netezza, EMC Greenplum, Sybase and others.

The company says that this integration with Hadoop applies the parallelism of MapReduce, the distributed computing framework commonly associated with Hadoop. SAS, Hadoop and data warehouse infrastructure Hive match perfectly in analyzing large data sets, simplifying the most common big data analysis and analytic use cases. ;

Kerem Tomak, VP of Marketing Analytics at SAS pointed to how Macy’s and other retailers using the Hadoop and SAS combo to power its retail website. “Hadoop is facilitating big data analytics at as our data assets continue to grow exponentially. SAS Hadoop support will let us fully leverage our analytics talent, our data and our long-term investment in SAS,” said Kerem Tomak, Vice President of Marketing Analytics at “SAS with Hadoop is critical to our big data plan.”

The company points to a number of features within the Enterprise Data Integration Server that will support Hadoop, including”

  • SAS “write once, run anywhere” extends to Hadoop deployments.
  • Features such as job flow builder, visual editor, syntax checker, etc. have been extended to Hive, Pig, MapReduce and HDFS commands.
  • Augments native Hadoop security with SAS data security provisions, including authorization and data lineage.
  • Supports popular Hadoop distributions such as Cloudera, HortonWorks and EMC Greenplum.
  • SAS data quality and profiling cover data moving in or out of Hadoop.
  • SAS access extends SAS capabilities such as visual analytics explorer, text mining and analytics to Hadoop data.
  • Hadoop data can be federated along with data from other sources, including the ability to embed the federated query in a data management job flow.

As Carl Olofson, IDC Research Vice President for Application Development and Deployment, said of the connector, “IDC expects commercial use of Hadoop to accelerate as more established enterprise software providers such as SAS make Hadoop accessible and easy to use.” ;

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