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January 25, 2012

Space-Time Aims to Make the Grid Smarter

Robert Gelber

When thinking about the next technology boom in the United States, energy efficiency immediately comes to mind. Space-Time Insight has now thrown their hat into the ring with their situational intelligence suite for utilities, which aims to help energy companies reach peak operating efficiency.

Space-Time Insight, a Fremont CA-based startup, delivers solutions for energy, telecom and transportation industries with real-time visualized data. It achieves this by collecting massive amounts of information, applying values to business contexts, and finally visualizing those values. 

Current clients include California ISO, Eskom, and TVA. Space-Time Insight calls this solution Situational Intelligence, which gives operators the ability to quickly identify and react to risk, loss, revenue streams and more based on visual data delivered by their applications.

Space-Time’s newest offering, is a suite of applications geared towards utility companies. The Situational-Intelligence Suite for Utilities grabs big data from billing systems, environmental systems, sensors, distribution management systems, databases, and more. With all the data collected, the next step is to correlate that information and create a value for anything ranging from a technician’s schedule to tracking a system outage. Once the value is set, it is visualized in a geospatial context.

Smart Meter Intelligence is the first application in Space-Time Insight’s Situational Intelligence Suite for Utilities.  The application’s goal is to help energy companies capitalize on investments made in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).  Smart Meter Intelligence makes use of smart meter data by identifying unread meters, locating theft, and improving meter monitoring.  This information is aggregated in real-time along with environmental reporting (fire and weather reporting) and finally rendered to provide relevant actionable information to utility operators. This application integrates with SAP HANA and allows for offload processing via EMC Greenplum.

Space-Time also plans on releasing three more applications for its utility suite.

Grid Intelligence

Grid intelligence collects data from enterprise systems, environmental feeds, sensors, PMUs and other real-time equipment to deliver color-coded visuals, set alarms and gather in depth information regarding the health of the grid

Asset Intelligence

Asset Intelligence monitors asset location and helps predict when asset failures will occur given environmental data.

Renewables Intelligence

Again using environmental data, this application along with data from renewable energy assets, is meant to help predict what impact the weather will have on utilities’ renewable energy resources.

Smart Meter Intelligence will be available this quarter.

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