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December 13, 2011

Research Shoots Hadoop, Clouds Out of the Sky

Datanami Staff

When it comes to big buzzwords in enterprise IT over the last several months in particular, clouds and Hadoop could easily run away with the overused terms of the year prize. While there is definite action around these words, some suggest that enterprise users are far more cautious than some assume when it comes to latching on—even more cautious than the expected course of the hype cycle might predict.

There is no question that this has been the “year of Hadoop” as many seek new frameworks to contend with massive amounts of data. However, despite the buzz around the topic, one research group suggests that when it comes to actually deploying Hadoop and other parallel software frameworks, enterprises with big BI needs just aren’t biting.

According to the Bloor Group in a recent report on overall enterprise business intelligence architecture, when it comes to large-scale enterprise business intelligence users, 71 percent are not yet planning parallel software development projects, such as ones involving Hadoop.

Even bleaker are the parallels between the cloud hype and reality. According to the Bloor Group, “cloud adoption appears lower than the hype with only 5 percent reporting extensive use and 51 percent with no plans for deployment.”

What they did discover, however, is that the emphasis that might have been devoted to scouting out Hadoop engineers to spin up new big data environments is going toward other key priorities, among which are finding ways to address larger data governance issues. According to Bloor, “data governance is growing in prominence. While only 17 percent of respondents have a program in place, 21 percent are currently in the implementation phase, with another 36 percent planning to do so. Around 27 percent said they were not investing in this area.

Additionally, respondents said that their biggest challenges when it comes to dealing with big BI data are contending with siloed information and addressing data quality issues. The group that responded also noted that among the top priorities for the coming year are improving data integration in the context of operational processes and bringing self-service BI into the fold.

On that note, the group also claims that when it comes to making use of big data, implementing predictive analytics programs is high on the list. You can read more about the research report without registering here.

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