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November 30, 2011

Karmasphere Ushers in New Hadoop Partner

Datanami Staff

Today Karmasphere, which produces a set of some of the more popular analytics solutions for use with Hadoop, announced that its analytics products would be made available on both the M3 and M5 versions of the MapR distributions in an effort to put Hadoop in the hands of more data analysts.

Karmasphere’s two major big data analytics products (Karmasphere Studio and Karmasphere Analyst) are designed with the requirements of using Hadoop to manage diverse datasets for pattern recognition, data mining and finding answers to complex questions via ad-hoc or planned queries that rely on unstructured, structured and semi-structured data types.

 Given that both Studio and Analyst were built with Hadoop at the core, it is no surprise that the company has had to get aggressive with its partnership strategy. However, with all of the “fresh meat” Hadoop distros floating around these days (despite the fact that shakedown is eliminating this list down to a select few) it’s clear that there could be more such partnerships aimed at “mainstreaming” Hadoop-driven analytics like this.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Karmasphere stepped out with an announcement that they were expanding partnerships to “make big data analytics pervasive.” Among the allegiances that were pledged for that news release were distro support through Amazon Web Services, Cloudera, IBM and Hortonworks. The analytics company claimed that their efforts in the partnership arena are meant to firm up Hadoop use by making it easier for users to take advantage of advanced analytics using Hadoop as the framework.

As the latest addition to their partnership push, Karmasphere, which makes the widely-used (for Hadoop users, that is) Karmasphere Analyst and Karmasphere Studio analytics packages, the MapR alliance means that it will be relatively simple for users to harness big data analytics without the need for extensive IT support.

According to Karmasphere, the MapR distribution will provide “full data protection with snapshots and mirroring, no single points of failure, improved performance, and dramatic ease of use advantages.” They said that there are several capabilities that have been unlocked specifically for the MapR Hadoop distribution.

Karmasphere has been making serious inroads into the big data space on the Hadoop front. They’ve managed to raise over $11 million since their inception, adding $6 million just recently.

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