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October 24, 2011

Jaspersoft Brings Hadoop to BI with IBM

Datanami Staff

Today Jaspersoft, the company behind the widely-used open source business intelligence (BI) platform, announced a partnership with IBM to integrate Big Blue’s enterprise-geared Hadoop-based product, InfoSphere BigInsights into its own host of offerings. Jaspersoft claims this partnership will allow them to provide more robust management and reporting capabilities that are in line with increasing big data demands.

More specifically, the partnership will allow users to tap one of the more frequently-cited benefits of the Jaspersoft platform, ease of use, to connect to either HBase or Hive for high performance access to IBM’s InfoSphere BigInsights data. They claim to the only BI vendor so far that can provide a native reporting tool that is hooked into BigInsights through HBase and Hive, meaning that users can can “perform iterative, exploratory ad hoc reporting and analysis directly on data stored in Hadoop without having to load this data into another database, as is the case with other BI vendors.”

The enterprise edition ofBigInsights provides a fully integrated and configured distribution of Hadoop that is designed with business users in mind. BigInsights provides the management backbone for large installations to support big data analytics and visualization initiatives.

IBM’s Chris Nott describes BigInsights, pointing to its readiness for enterprise deployments. He says that it takes Hadoop to the next level by integrating “monitoring, management, provisioning, patching, and support—into components in the stack. Within BigInsights, IBM is providing more comprehensive workload management, optimising the use of system resources and the orchestration of complex analytics jobs.”

Jaspersoft, an open source business intelligence suite with both community and commercial versions, claims to have reached the 14 million product download mark and boasts 175,000 production deployments across 14,000 enterprise customers, including British Telecom, Austin Energy, the USDA and Tata Communications. They state that they are the only BI vendor that enables enterprises to tap into cloud-based resources across both its embedded and discrete BI platforms.

Jaspersoft now adds IBM to a growing list of technology partners, which include Aster Data, Cloudera, HP, Greenplum, Oracle, Red Hat, RightScale among others.