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Game-Changer: The Big Data Behind Social Gaming

Jun 23, 2014 |

The rise of social gaming is changing the fabric of the video game market. Instead of buying game consoles, people are increasingly logging into social gaming apps through iPhones and Facebook. In this booming market, how game developers utilize data makes all the difference in the world. Zynega is credited with kicking off the social gaming craze in 2009, when it introduced FarmVille for Facebook. The hook was set, and before long, people started spending real money to gain credits Read more…

The Storytelling Mandate of Big Data

Jun 13, 2014 |

Data has become a natural resource, pouring from every nook and cranny in our digital universe. But data by itself is useless, requiring humans or machines to mold it and refine it and make something useful from it. One way we’re deriving benefit from big data is through the power of storytelling, which is the focus of Tableau Software‘s latest development effort. We collect data and use data effectively to enhance our experiences and tell stories, says Ramesh Jain, a Read more…

The New Data Blending Mandate

Apr 24, 2014 |

An axiom of big data say that, as data volume and complexity grows, it becomes harder for organizations to extract meaning from the data. One solution to this dilemma that is gaining momentum is data blending, which provides a new real-time, analytics-oriented twist on the batch-oriented ETL data integration processes of old.

What Color Is Your Data? Inside the Science of Data Visualization

Mar 25, 2014 |

Data is the raw material of the 21st century, the commodity at the base of a booming digital economy. Like oil and gold, people mine it, refine it, and combine it with other things. Data has become the most sought-after substance in the world. But please: Just don’t ask to see it.

SAS and IBM King of Analytics Hill, But for How Long?

Mar 3, 2014 |

Last week’s release of Gartner’s very first Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics software put various vendors in a state of heightened excitement. It’s no surprise that SAS and IBM (via SPSS) are tops when it comes to making predictions from data. But a strong showing by smaller vendors–including RapidMiner, Knime, Alteryx, and Revolution Analytics–should keep the established vendors from getting too comfortable.

News In Brief

Big Data Market Growth Exceeds Expectations

Feb 12, 2014 |

According to the big data number crunchers at Wikibon, spending on big data hardware, software, and services added up to $18.6 billion in 2013. That’s about $500 million, or roughly 3 percent, bigger than it projected the market to be a year ago when it did its last forecast. On a year-over-year basis, actual big data spending grew 58 percent.

Super Bowl Snacks: A Big Data Visualization

Jan 31, 2014 |

Super Bowl XLVIII is shaping up to be the most data-intensive football game of all time. The NFL has brought in SAP to track everything from player statistics to social sentiment analysis. And for the fans at home, Tableau Software and have teamed up to determine the most popular snacks for the big game.

How To Boost Your Big Data Salary

Jan 21, 2014 |

The best way to boost your salary in 2014 may be to learn a new data analytics tool. According to the 2013 Data Science Salary Survey from O’Reilly, there was a strong correlation between data scientists and analysts who used the highest number of tools and those who had the highest salaries. What’s more, those who used open source tools, such as R and Hadoop, tended to bring home more bacon than those who used commercial products, such as SAS and Teradata.

Visualizing the Big Data Job Market

Apr 23, 2013 |

Where are all the big data jobs? Well, one answer is ‘virtually everywhere,’ as more companies and institutions realize that harnessing big data in some form is necessary to keep up with the competition. However, to provide a more detailed and creative answer to that question, Tableau created an interactive visualization to illustrate exactly where relatively lucrative (based on their average salary figures) data science and analyst jobs exist in the United States.

Tableau’s Data Vis Suite Gets Speed and Flexibility Boost

Mar 21, 2013 |

Tableau Software announced today the general availability of their Tableau 8.0 analytics and visualization software, aimed at making their insight tool more flexible and accessible for organizational data.

This Just In

Tableau Online Milestone Announced

Apr 8, 2014 |

Tableau Software today announced that more than 1,000 customer accounts are using its cloud-based product, Tableau Online. The milestone comes just nine months after the company announced the hosted version of Tableau Server, making it Tableau’s fastest-growing product. Companies both large and small are now using Tableau Online, including ACT, the nation’s leader in college and career readiness, and JetSuite, the nation’s fastest growing private jet charter company.

Tableau and Splunk Announce Technology Alliance

Mar 5, 2014 |

Splunk Inc., provider of the leading software platform for real-time operational intelligence, and Tableau Software, a global leader in rapid-fire, easy-to-use business analytics software, today announced a strategic alliance to leverage the power of visual analytics and real-time machine data. As part of a joint technology investment, the latest version of Tableau software includes Splunk Enterprise as a native data source using Splunk’s recently launched ODBC driver.

Treasure Data Partners With Tableau for Big Data Analytics

Dec 10, 2013 |

Treasure Data, a cloud data service provider, has partnered with Tableau Software, a global leader in rapid-fire, easy to use business analytics software to help customers see and understand their data.

Alteryx to Host Webinar on the 2014 Big Data and Analytics Market

Nov 25, 2013 |

Alteryx, Inc., the leading provider of Strategic Analytics, today announced that it will be hosting a “14 for 14: Analytics Predictions for 2014,” Webinar to discuss how the Big Data and analytics market will evolve in the next year.

Tableau 8.1 Announced

Nov 21, 2013 |

Tableau Software today announced the general availability of Tableau 8.1, an update to its 8.0 major release introduced in March 2013.