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Capital Markets Push CEP to the Limit

Jun 27, 2012 |

This week we take a big picture look at complex event processing for the capital markets game. According to officials from Sybase, TIBCO, Streambase, OneMarketData and others, turning big data into fast, usable data has always been a challenge, but new platforms are pushing the limits in terms of…

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SAP Accounts for Sybase, HANA Futures

Apr 23, 2012 |

This week SAP released a discussion on how the future of the company is being shaped by the technologies and new capabilities added by Sybase. While we’ve offered up a recorded version of the discussion, those with time crunches can skim for….

Making the Big Data, Telco Connection

Apr 12, 2012 |

The success of the telco industry has always been tied to making rapid, actionable use out of user data. However, the real-time angle to big analytics platforms and applications as well as and the host of complex new data management innovations is…..

Interview: SAP Solidifies Predictive Strategy

Apr 3, 2012 |

Today SAP announced a new predictive analytics offering that leverages its HANA platform and the know-how gleaned from the BusinessObjects side of the fence. We spoke with SAP to find out how this move fits into their broader strategy….

Complex Event Processing, Big Data Collide

Jan 24, 2012 |

When it comes to evaluating options for complex event processing, there are many options to explore from established software vendors, including Sybase, Oracle, Tibco, Streambase, Informatica, and so on. However, looking to the smaller players sheds some light….

Sybase Brings Continuous Intelligence to Financial Services

Oct 26, 2011 |

This week Sybase’s Neil McGovern described the concept of continuous intelligence for financial markets, pointing to the critical role that complex event processing plays in allowing organizations to make split-second decisions based on a stream of near real-time data.

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