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Connect Your Enterprise Data to Excel, Tableau, or QlikView to Unlock Insights!

Mar 10, 2014 |

Data locked in proprietary in-house systems built for marketing, accounting, or sales can now be easily connected to BI tools like Excel, Tableau, and QlikView for a decisive advantage. Successful companies are unlocking their databases with real-time connections to analytical tools. Learn how to become an enterprise connectivity hero >

How Successful Companies are using tools like Excel, Tableau, and QlikView to Analyze Data in their Proprietary Systems

Jan 13, 2014 |

Many organizations have built proprietary in-house systems for things like marketing, accounting or sales tracking. One challenge with these systems is that a lot of valuable data gets locked inside. See how successful companies are unlocking that data and analyzing it with products like Excel, Tableau and QlikView.

News In Brief

Simba Says It’s Winning the Hadoop Wars

Oct 29, 2013 |

As a journalist covering big data, I’m often asked who is winning the Hadoop wars. While the answer might vary from month-to-month, there’s at least one vendor who appears to clearly be winning: ODBC Connectivity vendor Simba Technologies.

This Just In

Databricks Selects Simba ODBC Driver for Shark

Apr 30, 2014 |

Simba Technologies Inc., the industry’s expert for Big Data connectivity, announced today that Databricks has licensed Simba’s ODBC Driver as its standards-based connectivity solution for Shark, the SQL front-end for Apache Spark, the next generation Big Data processing engine. Founded by the creators of Apache Spark and Shark, Databricks is developing cutting-edge systems to enable enterprises to discover deeper insights, faster.

Zettaset and Simba Announce Partnership

Apr 9, 2014 |

Zettaset, the leader in secure Big Data management, today announced a strategic technology partnership with Simba Technologies, the recognized leader in standards-based data access and analytics solutions for both relational and multi-dimensional data sources. The partnership will streamline interoperability between Hadoop and analytics applications, as well as provide enterprise-class security for organizations deploying a combined Hadoop + Analytics ecosystem.

Simba and Alteryx Extend Partnership

Feb 11, 2014 |

Simba Technologies Inc. – the industry’s choice for standards-based relational and multi-dimensional data connectivity on in-memory, cloud and Big Data – and Alteryx, Inc., the leader in data blending and advanced analytics, announced today they have extended their partnership to provide analytics on any Big Data source. Alteryx will use Simba’s suite of Big Data drivers to connect to any source including Cassandra, Google BigQuery, HBase, Hive, Impala, MongoDB, and SAP BW. Simba’s drivers are built on the ODBC 3.52 specification to deliver extreme performance, provide broad compatibility and ensure full functionality for users analyzing and reporting on Big Data.