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From Data Lakes to State Analytics

Jul 21, 2015 |

Earlier this year, I published my thoughts around a data lake use case that I called “The Union of the State.” Since this post published, the topic of data lakes and data analytics has become more widely debated than ever before. And the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve read and heard from industry influencers such as Dan Woods and Adrian Bridgwater, I’ve come to realize something – there is an entire branch of analytics that no one Read more…

How Big Data Is Remaking Customer Loyalty Programs

Dec 8, 2014 |

Retailers spend about $2 billion every year to build and run loyalty card programs in the hopes of creating lifelong, devoted customers. However, those loyalty programs often fail to deliver as advertised. But now, advanced analytic techniques running on big data platforms like Hadoop promise to help retailers get closer than ever to realizing their “one-to-one” marketing dreams. Part of the problem with traditional loyalty programs is the lack of good, clean data. When people sign up for programs, they Read more…

What You May Have Missed at Strata + Hadoop World 2014

Oct 21, 2014 |

Talk about information overload. If you were one of the lucky 5,000 to attend the Strata + Hadoop World conference last week, then you were subject to a marathon session of big data keynotes delivered continually for the better part of two days. It’s understandable that you missed out on some of the big data news announced at the show, including Cray’s new Hadoop appliance, or the latest tools from Revolution Analytics and Tableau. Don’t worry: We’ll get you back Read more…

This ‘Bulldog’ CPO Aims to Help Pentaho Grow

Apr 16, 2014 |

The data explosion has made the reporting and analytics field a very busy place right now. The latest release of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant included 27 players in this market–with another 32 on the bubble. Smack dab in the middle of the pack is commercial open source software upstart Pentaho. With the hiring of chief product officer Christopher Dziekan–a BI veteran who’s been called a “bulldog”–the company signaled it’s ready for growth.

Pentaho Goes All In with Big Data Blending

Sep 13, 2013 |

The advent of NoSQL and Hadoop data stores is giving organizations powerful tools to collect vast amounts of data. However, driving actionable insights out of that data–and doing so in a reasonable timeframe–is easier said than done. Now, data analytics firm Pentaho thinks it has a solution for that dilemma with its new “blend at the source,” near real-time data integration capability for big data stores.

News In Brief

Pentaho Eyes Spark to Overcome MapReduce Limitations

May 12, 2015 |

Pentaho today announced it’s supporting Apache Spark with its suite of data analytic tools. While supporting Spark gives Pentaho performance advantages over MapReduce when executing data transformations and running queries within Hadoop, the software company is approaching the in-memory framework for other use cases with a wary eye. Apache Spark will be a supported engine with the next release of Pentaho‘s analytical platform, which is due in mid to late June. Pentaho is eyeing two main use cases with this Read more…

Pentaho Stirs Open Source Kettle

Jan 31, 2012 |

This week open source business intelligence vendor, Pentaho, pushed the code that powers the latest release of their Kettle offering into an Apache 2.0 license, strengthening ties to Hadoop and related projects under the same license….

This Just In

Head of IBM Analytics Product Strategy Joins Pentaho

Apr 1, 2014 |

Delivering the future of analytics , Pentaho Corporation today announced that it has hired Christopher Dziekan as the company’s chief product officer. Reporting directly to chairman and CEO Quentin Gallivan, Dziekan will lead Pentaho’s effort to define future market requirements and drive the next wave of innovation around governed, blended big data discovery and advanced analytics.

Pentaho Announces Big Data Growth

Mar 12, 2014 |

Delivering the future of analytics, Pentaho Corporation today announced that 2013 was another record year with 83 percent bookings growth from big data and embedded analytics customers over 2012. These two high growth segments now account for 50 percent of Pentaho’s total revenue. The rapid growth is a result of growing enterprise customer adoption of next-generation big data and embedded analytics.

Pentaho’s ‘Better Together’ Tour to Begin March 5th

Mar 3, 2014 |

Delivering the future of analytics, Pentaho today announces its ‘Better Together’ European city tour, kicking off in London on Wednesday March 5th at the Institute of Directors, with further events planned across Europe. The half-day events are organised in association with MongoDB, the leading NoSQL database, and invites business and IT leaders to explore how analytics and big data will change business today and in the near future. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn more about the expanding big data ecosystem, popular use cases and techniques for blending traditional and big data to create better business outcomes.

Pentaho Announces Integration of PDI with Storm and YARN

Feb 11, 2014 |

Leading the way for businesses to get the most value out of Hadoop 2.0, Pentaho Corporation, delivering the future of analytics, today announced the native integration of Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) with Storm and YARN. A development led by Pentaho Labs, this integration enables developers to process big data analytics in real time, so businesses can make critical decisions based on time-sensitive data.

Pentaho Announces Availability of Community Edition 5.0

Nov 20, 2013 |

Delivering the future of analytics, Pentaho Corporation today announced immediate availability of the Open Source Pentaho Community Edition 5.0. Pentaho Community Edition is the newest version of Pentaho’s open source data integration and business analytics platform—a powerful set of tools for developers, promoting innovation, participation and cooperation.