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Panasas Gets Real About Hadoop

Nov 23, 2012 |

The realms of HPC and enterprise big data have been thrust together via the tectonic force of the Hadoop push, but according to Panasas CTO, Brent Welch, it leaves a deep chasm for many use cases that can only be filled by rethinking storage approaches. More specifically, Welch believes high performance network attached storage (NAS) can

This Week’s Big Data Big Five

Oct 18, 2012 |

Some vendors are getting a leg up on the competition by announcing their updates and roll-outs ahead of the HadoopWorld event crowd, including Hortonworks, Panasas, Alpine Data, SAP and others–all of which are finding new and interesting ways to….

This Week’s Big Data Big Seven

May 18, 2012 |

In this Friday’s roundup of some top news items during the week ending May 18 we take a brief look at how IBM Watson is being put to new use, how Caltech sought to address its storage limitations, see how insurance fraud is being targeted, and relay an interesting use case from an unexpected source….

SC11 Video Feature: Garth Gibson on RAID, Roots and Reliability

Nov 18, 2011 |

In this video feature, we sit down with Garth Gibson, co-founder and CTO of high performance storage company, Panasas. During our chat we touch on the roots of his company, explore the way file systems have evolved to meet new demands, and wrap up with a section on big data and the storage demands behind it.

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Inside Europe’s “Super Data Cluster”

Apr 30, 2012 |

Climate and atmospheric data is the key to solving complex global warming mysteries, understanding weather and global climate trends, and interpreting atmospheric events and their implications. As the number of sources grow, resources like Europe’s “super-data-cluster” the….

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