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How NVIDIA Is Unlocking the Potential of GPU-Powered Deep Learning

Aug 20, 2015 |

Companies across nearly all industries are exploring how to use GPU-powered deep learning to extract insights from big data. From self-driving cars and voice-directed phones to disease-detecting mirrors and high-speed securities trading, the potential use cases for the technology are large and expanding by the day. Ever since computer scientist Geoff Hinton decided to try training a neural network on a GPU and did much to help popularize the field of deep neural networks several years back, researchers have been Read more…

GPU-Powered Terrorist Hunter Eyes Commercial Big Data Role

Oct 8, 2014 |

A company called GIS Federal that’s helping the U.S. Army track the movement of terrorists across time, space, and the Internet using a distributed, GPU-powered, in-memory database is gearing up to head out into the commercial world and help private companies track the movements of physical and virtual assets in powerful new ways. GIS Federal is a technology startup based in Virginia that has been incubated by the U.S. Army. The company works closely with the U.S. Army’s Cyber Center Read more…

MIT Spinout Exploits GPU Memory for Vast Visualization

Jan 29, 2014 |

An MIT research project turned open source project dubbed the Massively Parallel Database (Map-D) is turning heads for its capability to generate visualizations on the fly from billions of data points. The software—an SQL-based, column-oriented database that runs in the memory of GPUs—can deliver interactive analysis of 10TB datasets with millisecond latencies. For this reason, its creator feels comfortable is calling it “the fastest database in the world.”

GPUs Push Big Data’s Need for Speed

Mar 20, 2013 |

During his keynote this week at the GPU Technology Conference, NVIDIA CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang provided a few potent examples of how web-driven big data applications are pushing their real-time delivery envelope by adding GPUs into the fray. Among these users are audio recognition service, Shazam, which….

Python Wraps Around Big, Fast Data

Mar 18, 2013 |

Python is finding its way into an ever-expanding set of use cases that fall into both the high performance computing and big data buckets.

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GPUs Set to Boost Business Intelligence

Apr 4, 2012 |

GPU-driven companies like NVIDIA have been emphasizing the practical application of GPU computing in enterprise settings—and this year at their annual GTC conference, there are several compelling sessions for the business intelligence and….

This Just In

NVIDIA Launches Accelerator for Supercomputing and Big Data Analytics

Nov 18, 2013 |

NVIDIA today unveiled the NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU accelerator, the world’s highest performance accelerator ever built, delivering extreme performance to a widening range of scientific, engineering, high performance computing (HPC) and enterprise applications.