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This Week’s Big Data Top Five

Jun 22, 2012 |

This week’s news cycle was driven forward by announcements that came out of the International Supercomputing Conference in Germany, which highlights the merger between many supercomputing and big data technologies. On our list of five stories of note this week are Convey Computer, which is seeking a top slot on the Graph 500, Terascala, Panopticon, Digital Reasoning and….

This Week’s Big Data Big Seven

Jun 15, 2012 |

We wrap up this week with news about a new high performance, data-intensive supercomputer from SGI, new Hadoop announcements, including those from Hortonworks, Datameer, and Karmasphere, some software enhancements for big data infrastructure from ScaleOut and some other startup goodness–all with an eye on next week’s International….

News In Brief

A Holistic Approach to Big Data Analytics

Feb 4, 2013 |

The race to build an effective holistic big data analytics system is a lucrative one being run by several Hadoop-focused startup companies, including Karmasphere and Datameer. Manish Jiadani, Karmasphere’s Senior Director of Product Management, hosted a talk where he discussed Karmasphere’s new Hadoop-based data analytics offering, called Karmasphere 2.0.

Karmasphere Makes Hadoop Work Overtime

Feb 1, 2012 |

This week big data analytics and Hadoop-oriented company Karmasphere announced some meaty updates that will allow data analysts taking advantage of their “Analyst” product to kick their Hadoop use into overdrive with query enhancements that…

Karmasphere Ushers in New Hadoop Partner

Nov 30, 2011 |

Today Hadoop big data analytics startup Karmasphere announced that it has added another Hadoop distribution partner to its ranks. This time, following suit with Cloudera, AWS, and others, MapR Technologies formed an alliance with the anaytics startup.

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