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DDN Helps Biotech Researchers Deal with Big Data Pain

Dec 5, 2013 |

Scientific equipment such as gene sequencers and electron microscopes are essential to the work of biotechnology researchers at the University of Florida. However, the latest editions of these pieces of high-tech gear can generate terabytes of data per day. That level of data growth was becoming a burden to the scientists at the university, and led its IT team to DataDirect Networks (DDN) to rethink its storage and computing infrastructure.

DDN Updates Storage Appliance for Really Big Data

Sep 18, 2013 |

There is big data. And then there is really, really big data. With the capability to store up to 983 petabytes and 32 trillion unique objects in a cluster of object storage systems, the new Web Object Scaler (WOS) offering unveiled by DataDirect Networks today is designed for truly massive collections of unstructured data.

DDN Casts Hadoop with HPC Hook

Mar 4, 2013 |

Between the ingestion, storage, processing and distribution of large, multi-structured data volumes, there is bound to be complexity, especially when it’s happening within a Hadoop cluster. However, according to HPC storage company, Data Direct Networks (DDN), all it takes to remedy the hassles is a Hadoop appliance that…

This Week’s Big Data Big Five

Oct 13, 2012 |

As we prepare to head into Hadoop World, and prepare some in-depth material following our conversation with the CTO and Lead High Performance Analytics ARchitect from SAS, we wanted to address some news items that were on our radar leading into this busy event season. This week we bring announcements from the world of Hadoop, with Hortonworks and a new BI arrangement; Cloudera’s pitch to big government; some positive news from RainStor and more…

Simplifying Big Data Storage Management

Sep 10, 2012 |

Today, organizations are facing an exponential increase in the amount of data being created. The ability to successfully manage this data, coupled with the growing complexity of storage infrastructures is creating significant challenges for IT managers. While the cost of maintaining storage infrastructures continues to increase, headcount and budget remains fixed. What is needed is an advanced management platform that reduces the cost and complexity of storage management.

News In Brief

Finland’s Big Data Storage Leap

Mar 29, 2012 |

Finland-based CSC, the government-sponsored Center for Science Ltd., provides the balance between academic and industry R&D and IT resource management in the country. In an effort to address its massive storage needs, the organization announced key multi-million-Euro….

DDN Addresses Scalability Wall

Nov 22, 2011 |

Data Direct Networks (DDN) issued a letter to the high performance computing community this week following the supercomputing industry’s annual conference that addresses the storage side of the big data and exascale eras that are necessitating I/O innovations.

DDN Intros New Big Data Appliances

Nov 9, 2011 |

Today Data Direct Networks unveiled a new product series that focuses on the needs of data-intensive applications. The SFA12K line is aimed at improving latency for big data workloads.

This Just In

DDN Joins Active Archive Alliance

Mar 5, 2014 |

DataDirect Networks (DDN) today took another definitive step in the expansion of its ecosystem for archive solutions by announcing that it is joining the Active Archive Alliance. This latest move underscores DDN’s focus on delivering industry leading end-to-end data management solutions from high performance primary storage to cost effective long-term archive storage.

DDN Introduces Big Data Storage Platform

Nov 19, 2013 |

DataDirect Networks (DDN) maintains its lead in supporting the largest Big Data, High Performance Computing (HPC), Cloud and data-intensive environments with the introduction today of its new SFA12K X series (SFA12KX)], the industry’s fastest family of storage appliance platforms.