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Streaming Analytics Ready for Prime Time, Forrester Says

Jul 22, 2014 |

Analytic platforms that generate insights from data in real time are mature enough for enterprises to begin adopting them, Forrester says in its latest report. While open source streaming analytic products like Apache Storm are proving popular, Forrester says they lack key functionality found in the offerings of proprietary vendors, such as top-rated Software AG. You don’t need a Forrester analyst to know that streaming analytics is red hot at the moment. If Hadoop has opened our eyes to what Read more…

DataTorrent RTS Clocks In at 1.5B Events per Second

Jun 3, 2014 |

What would you do with a system that could process 1.5 billion events per second? That’s the mind-boggling rate at which DataTorrent’s Real-Time Streaming (RTS) offering for Hadoop was recently benchmarked. Now that RTS is generally available–DataTorrent announced its general availability today at Hadoop Summit in San Jose–we may soon find out. That 1.5-billion-events-per-second figure was recorded on DataTorrent’s internal Hadoop cluster, which sports 34 nodes. Each node is able to process tens of thousands of incoming events (call data Read more…

It’s Sink or Swim in the IoT’s Ocean of Bigger Data

Jun 2, 2014 |

The network of connected devices commonly called the Internet of Things is poised to drive data growth to stratospheric levels. Our ability to wield analytics on these big, fast, and diverse data will determine whether we can successfully harness the IoT to improve livelihoods and boost bottom lines, or whether we’ll crumble under the weight of the new data. If you thought today’s data levels were big or fast or diverse, you haven’t seen anything yet. Analysts say the amount Read more…

Crossing the Big Data Stream with DataTorrent

Apr 23, 2014 |

Enterprises eager for a competitive edge are turning to in-memory stream processing technologies to help them analyze big data in real time. The Apache Spark and Storm projects have gained lots of momentum in this area, as have some analytic NoSQL databases and in-memory data grids. Another streaming technology worth keeping an eye on is DataTorrent.

Enterprise-class real-time stream analytics for Big Data

Feb 10, 2014 |

Data is exploding in volume, velocity, and variety. The batch-oriented tools of last decade take hours or days to process incoming data—too long for many applications. This discrepancy has given rise to a new type of real-time processing platform for Big Data. To support enterprise-class, mission-critical services, these platforms must overcome eight key challenges.

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