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Teradata Edges Closer To Hadoop

Oct 9, 2014 |

Teradata made a major advance into the Hadoop ecosystem today with a series of announcements, including a new Hadoop cloud service, a data lineage tracking tool for HDFS called Loom, and a new reseller agreement with Cloudera, to go along with its existing one with Hortonworks. The mainstream thinking in the Hadoop environment seems to have the big yellow pachyderm eating Teradata‘s lunch. It’s inevitable, the reasoning goes, that customers will move their big data warehousing workloads from expensive Teradata Read more…

How a Facebook-Like Graph Powers Drug Discovery

Sep 29, 2014 |

Researchers have long sought to identify the key proteins involved in the development of diseases like cancer. However, the time and effort required to check each combination of proteins can be daunting. But thanks to the advent of graph analytics, researchers can now build models of protein networks, thereby enabling mass parallelization of the protein problem and powering a more efficient drug discovery process. One of the companies employing advanced graph analytics in drug discovery is e-Therapeutics, a British biotech Read more…

How Baidu Uses Deep Learning to Drive Success on the Web

Sep 22, 2014 |

The Chinese Web giant Baidu is investing heavily in deep learning technologies as it seeks to drive intelligence from big data using high performance computing (HPC). From speech and facial recognition to language transaction and Web search, Baidu relies on deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies to improve a range of customer-facing applications. Dr. Ren Wu, a distinguished scientist at Baidu’s Deep Learning Institute (IDL), discussed Baidu’s use of deep learning technologies in a keynote presentation at Tabor Communication’s recent Read more…

Who IBM’s Server Group Turns To for Machine Data Analytics

Aug 28, 2014 |

IBM’s engineering prowess is second to none, and its Systems and Technology Group builds the computers that run the world’s biggest companies. But when IBM’s STG unit went looking for a way to predict failures by analyzing log data returned by its customers’ servers and storage arrays, it looked externally to a little-known machine data analytics startup from Santa Clara. Glassbeam got its start five years ago, before the Internet of Things (IOT) became the industry’s hottest buzzword and out-hyped Read more…

How to Move 80PB Without Downtime

Aug 25, 2014 |

When the online photo company Shutterfly decided to move its entire data center recently, the possibility of downtime was a big issue. After all, the company had 80 petabytes of customer data spread across tens of thousands of spinning disks, and those disks wouldn’t be spinning while being physically moved. Months later, after the last deliver made its way to Shutterfly‘s new data center, not one piece of data was lost or even temporarily unavailable from the company’s website. How Read more…

News In Brief

BI Startup Numerify Raises Another $15M

Sep 24, 2014 |

Cloud business intelligence startup Numerify said Sept. 24 it has raised an additional $15 million in an oversubscribed Series B funding round led by Sequoia Capital. Numerify said it has so far raised more than $23 million in two funding rounds. The cloud-based analytics company based in Cupertino, Calif., emerged from stealth mode in April with the launch of a business analytics platform designed to improve IT operations by scanning IT service records and asset data. The startup claims to Read more…

Clustrix Database Targets E-commerce

Sep 23, 2014 |

Just in time for holidays, a scale-out SQL database running in the cloud from startup Clustrix is geared to e-commerce websites characterized by traffic spikes that require databases to scale in order to avoid costly downtime. The San Francisco-based company said Sept. 23 the latest version of its ClustrixDB includes scale-out SQL that allows database servers to be added to an existing cluster and removed later without downtime. The feature targets capacity and throughput spikes on e-commerce sites during peak Read more…

Data Tools Help Researchers Tackle Pediatric Cancer

Sep 10, 2014 |

A genomic data analysis platform being installed at the National Cancer Institute will deliver rapid analysis of billions of data points required when sequencing human DNA and other genomic data. Translational Genomics Research (TGen) said Sept. 10 it is providing the National Cancer Institute with high performance computing and bioinformatics support along with specialized tools designed to support pediatric cancer research programs. Those efforts include personalized medicine trial for pediatric cancer patients being conducted by the Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Read more…

Survey: Big Data Deployments Reaching ‘Tipping Point’

Sep 8, 2014 |

Most big data deployments are still being evaluated but may be approaching a “tipping point” as they move toward production, according to big data market researcher Wikibon. Wikibon analysts stressed that much of its recent survey data represents the sentiments of early adopters of big data analytics, adding that analytics technologies are still “relatively immature.” Another Wikibon survey last year concluded that nearly half of big data practitioners had yet to realize a return on their data analytics investment. Despite Read more…

EnterpriseDB Throws Down PostgreSQL Gauntlet

Aug 29, 2014 |

A new database development environment released earlier this month has been tweaked to leverage the NoSQL capabilities in PostgreSQL, the open source object-relational database tool, to build next-generation web applications. EnterpriseDB, the Postgres specialist based in Bedford, Mass., said its Postgres Extended Datatype Development Kit would allow application developers to use Postgres for the types of applications that previously required a specialized NoSQL-only tool. To enable this, the kit is said to expand Postgres capabilities for handling document databases with Read more…

This Just In

Advancements Made to Teradata Database

Oct 20, 2014 |

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 20 – Teradata Corp., the big data analytics and marketing applications company, today announced engineering advancements to the Teradata Database that deliver analytic performance and system efficiency through new memory and CPU optimizations. These enhancements strengthen Teradata’s approach to in-memory computing and enable customers to seamlessly and automatically realize the greatest benefit from their investment in memory. “Teradata is relentlessly dedicated to engineering a smarter, simpler way to leverage memory and CPU to drive performance,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. Read more…

OVH Launches Cloud Service Based on IBM POWER8 Processor

Oct 17, 2014 |

ARMONK, N.Y., Oct. 17 — IBM today announced that leading Internet hosting provider OVH has launched an on-demand cloud service based on IBM’s POWER8 processor, tuned specifically for Big Data, high performance computing and database workloads. In addition to introducing this new cloud service, OVH has become the newest member of the OpenPOWER Foundation, an open development community over 60 members strong worldwide collaborating to further leverage the POWER processor’s open architecture for broad industry innovation. OVH serves 700,000 customers with 180,000 hosted environments in 17 data centers Read more…

SGI UV for SAP HANA Introduced

Oct 16, 2014 |

MILPITAS, Calif., Oct. 16 — SGI, a global leader in high performance solutions for compute, data analytics, and data management and an SAP global technology partner, today introduced SGI UV for SAP HANA. It is a purpose-built, in-memory computing appliance for growing environments running the SAP HANA platform. SAP-certified and available today as a 4- or 8-socket single-node system with up to 6 terabytes (TB) of in-memory computing, SGI’s new appliance is designed to enable the largest enterprises to achieve real-time operations Read more…

Cray Launches New Big Data Analytics Product

Oct 16, 2014 |

SEATTLE, Wash. and NEW YORK, N.Y., Oct. 16 — At the 2014 Strata + Hadoop World New York conference, global supercomputer leader Cray Inc. announced the launch of the Company’s new big data analytics product — the Cray Urika-XA system. Pre-integrated with the Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark frameworks, the Cray Urika-XA system provides customers with the benefits of a turnkey analytics appliance combined with a flexible, open platform that can be modified for future analytics workloads. Designed for customers with Read more…

Continuum Releases Anaconda Cluster

Oct 15, 2014 |

AUSTIN, Tex., Oct. 15 — Continuum Analytics, the premier provider of Python-based data analytics solutions and services, today announced the release of Anaconda Cluster. Continuum’s enterprise Python distribution for data analytics, Anaconda Server, is moving to the Hadoop and Spark infrastructures. Anaconda Cluster is a highly-scalable cluster resource management tool that lets data scientists streamline deployment without rework. The field of data science has significantly grown in response to an emphasis on big data across several industries. Many organizations are Read more…