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DataTorrent Raises the Bar for Real-Time Streaming

Oct 15, 2014 |

There’s a lot of talk these days about real-time streaming applications. If analyzing and acting on new data is good, then doing it immediately must be better. The truth is, building real-time streaming applications is not easy work. One company that’s pushing the bar higher in this area is DataTorrent. DataTorrent develops a distributed Hadoop 2 application called Real Time Streaming (RTS) that enables users to act upon and analyze time-sensitive data, including call data records, log and machine data, Read more…

How Baidu Uses Deep Learning to Drive Success on the Web

Sep 22, 2014 |

The Chinese Web giant Baidu is investing heavily in deep learning technologies as it seeks to drive intelligence from big data using high performance computing (HPC). From speech and facial recognition to language transaction and Web search, Baidu relies on deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies to improve a range of customer-facing applications. Dr. Ren Wu, a distinguished scientist at Baidu’s Deep Learning Institute (IDL), discussed Baidu’s use of deep learning technologies in a keynote presentation at Tabor Communication’s recent Read more…

Tape Gets Second Wind as Big Data Mounts

Sep 16, 2014 |

Think tape is dead in our big data world? Think again. This week, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) announced that it bought 20PB of tape capacity to expand the world’s biggest data archive. Meanwhile, the LTO Program has plotted out a roadmap for the next decade that will eventually see a single LTO tape cartridge storing 120 TB of data. While tape is looked down upon in our speed-obsessed culture, the old standby has proven its relevance in Read more…

Who IBM’s Server Group Turns To for Machine Data Analytics

Aug 28, 2014 |

IBM’s engineering prowess is second to none, and its Systems and Technology Group builds the computers that run the world’s biggest companies. But when IBM’s STG unit went looking for a way to predict failures by analyzing log data returned by its customers’ servers and storage arrays, it looked externally to a little-known machine data analytics startup from Santa Clara. Glassbeam got its start five years ago, before the Internet of Things (IOT) became the industry’s hottest buzzword and out-hyped Read more…

If You’re Missing Fast Data, Big Data Isn’t Working for You

Aug 19, 2014 |

Big Data analytics are all the rage. There is little doubt some great things can be accomplished when an organization takes to mining its data to produce meaningful change in the business. Yet, 64 percent of enterprises that invest in Big Data projects struggle to unlock the value of their Big Data insights, according to analyst firm Gartner. A recent survey on Big Data by my company revealed that 72 percent of respondents could not utilize the majority of the Read more…

News In Brief

As Pollution Worsens, China Turns to Big Data

Jul 8, 2014 |

You’ve got to see, smell, feel Beijing’s smog to believe it. Looking out a high window of a tall building, the air is opaque. Despite rules against them, vendors cook and sell food on side streets using charcoal grills. Prevailing winds from the Gobi Desert distribute dust throughout the sprawling capital. The desert dust along with particulates from high-sulfur coal burned in the city’s power plants prompt car owners to brush off their vehicles the way we might clear snow Read more…

Cloudera, Dell, Intel Target ‘Big Data Ecosystem’

Jun 24, 2014 |

Cloudera, Dell and Intel said they plan to launch dedicated Dell In-Memory Appliances for the Cloudera Enterprise as a way to boost real-time analytics performance. The partners said the goal of the engineering partnership is to advance enterprise deployments of Apache Hadoop as well as to integrate hardware and software to help enterprises leverage advanced data analysis. The latter would be enabled through incorporation of real-time data streams into customers’ applications. The partners said the initial effort would be the Read more…

Unsnarling I-95, with Data

Jun 17, 2014 |

Like the weather, everyone whines about traffic. Now, an alliance of transportation agencies, toll authorities, and data analytics vendors are teaming up to apply real-time speed and travel time data to the problem of traffic congestion and the wasted hours and energy it creates. The I-95 Corridor Coalition wants to apply data analytics to reduce congestion on one of the nation’s busiest interstate corridors, I-95, the 2,000-mile-long parking lot that runs from Maine to Florida. Working with the University of Read more…

Making Hadoop Relevant to HPC

May 27, 2014 |

Despite its proven ability to affordably process large amounts of data, Apache Hadoop and its MapReduce framework are being taken seriously only at a subset of U.S. supercomputing facilities and only by a subset of professionals within the HPC community. That in a nutshell is the contention of Glenn K. Lockwood of the San Diego Supercomputer Center, who wonders why Hadoop remains at the fringe of high-performance computing while looking for ways to move it into the HPC mainstream. “Hadoop Read more…

Novel Storage Technique Speeds Big Data Processing

Feb 4, 2014 |

Between the data deluge and the proliferation of uber-connected devices, the amount of data that must be stored and processed has exploded to a mind-boggling degree. One commonly cited statistic from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt holds that every two days humankind creates as much information as it did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.

This Just In

A3CUBE Introduces Fortissimo Foundation

Sep 16, 2014 |

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 16 — A3CUBE Inc., a developer of revolutionary communication technology that extends the capability of standard PCIe interconnect to produce industry-leading networked computing and storage solutions, today introduced its Fortissimo Foundation building block software solution. Coupled with A3CUBE’s previously announced RONNIE Express platform, Fortissimo Foundation provides dramatic improvements in application performance and datacenter efficiency, particularly in unstructured, Big Data environments. Fortissimo Foundation works in concert with A3CUBE’s RONNIEE Express data path accelerator and RONNIEE NICs to Read more…

Research and Markets Adds Future of Big Data Analytics Report to Offering

Sep 16, 2014 |

Sept. 16 — Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “The Future of Big Data Analytics – Global Market and Technologies Forecast – 2015-2020″ report to their offering. Big data is data that exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems. The data is too big, moves too fast, or exceeds the limits of your database architectures. To gain value from this data, you must choose an alternate way to process it. Many argue that Big Data is all talk and no Read more…

Teradata University Network Recognizes Poster Contest Finalists

Aug 27, 2014 |

ATLANTA, Ga., Aug. 27 — Teradata University Network has announced the kick-off of its Data-Driven Careers program with the selection of 10 finalists for its inaugural Poster Contest on applied analytics. The finalists, and an additional 13 scholarship winners, will attend the Teradata 2014 PARTNERS Conference & Expo in Nashville, Tenn, October 19 – 23. The global conference is sponsored in part by Teradata Corp., the analytic data platforms, marketing applications and services company. The poster finalists and scholarship winners receive free registration to the five-day industry event and Read more…

Zettaset Introduces Fast-PATH

Aug 14, 2014 |

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 14 — Zettaset, the leader in Big Data security, today announced Fast-PATH, an advanced software configuration management solution that automates and accelerates Hadoop deployment, significantly reducing the over-reliance on costly and time-consuming professional services that burdens today’s Big Data environment. Hadoop is rapidly evolving, but has not yet reached the level of maturity and sophistication that traditional relational databases offer. As a result, users expecting lower operational costs by using Hadoop software and infrastructure are surprised to find Read more…

Australian Genome Research Facility Selects Brocade to Handle Big Data Growth

Jul 23, 2014 |

MELBOURNE, Australia, July 23 — Driven by the unrelenting growth of genomic data sets, the Australian Genome Research Facility is deploying a high-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) core network across its entire estate, with its Melbourne node the first to go live with new switching infrastructure from Brocade. A national not-for-profit organization, the Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF) is the country’s largest provider of genomics services, with laboratories in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth — each providing a gateway to a Read more…