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Re-Platforming the Enterprise, Or Putting Data Back at the Center of the Data Center

Apr 27, 2015 |

The data center as we know it is going through tremendous changes. New technologies being deployed today represent a new stack that will form a strategic data center platform and will significantly reduce hardware and system costs, improve efficiency and productivity of IT resources, and drive flexible application and workload execution. This new stack will also transform an organization’s ability to respond quickly to changing business conditions, competitive threats, and customer opportunities. Before we go any further, let’s stop and Read more…

Hadoop’s Next Big Battle: Apache Versus ODP

Apr 24, 2015 |

  When the Open Data Platform launched in February, it effectively split the Hadoop community down the middle, with Hortonworks, Pivotal, and IBM throwing in with the ODP, and MapR and Cloudera keeping their chips on the Apache Software Foundation. The future of Hadoop is still very much an open question, and how the ODP-ASF split plays out could be a big factor in Hadoop’s future. Everybody seems to agree that the Apache Software Foundation has done an admirable job Read more…

Schools Get a Leg Up on Terrorists with Big Data

Apr 23, 2015 |

Governments around the world spend billions of dollars each year trying to prevent terrorist attacks, with varying degree of success. When preventative efforts fail, the next best option is to help potential victims prepare by predicting when and where attacks are most likely to occur. That’s the approach a United States data analytics startup is taking with schools half a world away in Pakistan. More than 20 years after establishing a foothold in the mountainous region of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, Read more…

A Shoebox-Size Data Warehouse Powered by GPUs

Apr 22, 2015 |

When it comes to big data, the size of your computer definitely matters. Running SQL queries on 100 TB of data or joining billions of records, after all, requires horsepower. But organizations with big data aspirations are increasingly able to satisfy their data processing needs with much smaller computers, thanks to the dense power boost provided by GPUs. Graphic processing units were initially adopted by gamers to drive graphics in video games (hence the acronym). As the game developers delivered Read more…

Riding the Waves of Big Data

Apr 21, 2015 |

Big Data is typically defined by three core characteristics, commonly referred to as the three Vs: volume, variety and velocity. Today, we are not just creating greater volumes of data, we are also expanding the variety of data sources, while creating and requiring processing of this data at ever faster velocities. However, while the three Vs are accelerating in-sync with one another, a business’s ability to respond has evolved in waves. While each element is important, when looking at production Read more…

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WANdisco Opens Up the Dance Floor Beyond Just Hadoop

Apr 21, 2015 |

WANdisco today launched WANdisco Fusion, its new flagship data replication product for Hadoop. The new software delivers real-time replication of data not just among plain-vanilla Hadoop clusters, but also among HDFS-compatible file systems, such as those used by MapR Technologies, EMC Isilon, Amazon S3, and Teradata. WANdisco made its name in the Hadoop world with NonStop Hadoop, which provided very fast and reliable data replication for enterprises like banks that required strong high availability and disaster recovery capabilities with its Read more…

Google Cloud Dataflow Now Open for Business

Apr 16, 2015 |

Google today formally took the wraps off Cloud Dataflow, the hosted offering designed to allow developers with average Java and Python skills to build sophisticated analytic “pipelines” that process huge amounts of data. Google introduced Cloud Dataflow about a year ago as a next-gen platform for building systems that can ingest, transform, normalize, and analyze huge amounts of data—well into the exabyte range, Google executives said. The software is built on the infrastructure and technology that powers Google’s own applications, Read more…

MySQL Leader Percona Takes Aim at MongoDB

Apr 14, 2015 |

The company driving the MySQL database today unveiled a plan to go after MongoDB’s business with a drop-in replacement for the popular document-oriented NoSQL database. The new strategy is the result of Percona’s acquisition today of TokuTek, which owns exclusive commercial rights to the patented Fractal Tree indexing technology. Up to this point, Percona has kept a relatively low profile as the brains behind MySQL. While the open source relational database is owned by Oracle, many of the fixes and Read more…

Hortonworks Deals to Streamline Hadoop Deployments

Apr 13, 2015 |

Hortonworks today announced the acquisition of Sequence IQ, a Hungarian developer of cloud deployment automation tools for Hadoop. Hortonworks, which is hosting its Hadoop Summit Europe in Brussels this week, also shipped a maintenance release of its Hadoop distribution that includes Apache Ambari 2.0 and officially adds Apache Spark to the mix. One of the big challenges customers face when implementing a modern Hadoop cluster is just getting it up and running. It’s not such an issue in small clusters Read more…

What Informatica’s Buyout Means to Big Data Integration

Apr 8, 2015 |

Yesterday’s news that Informatica has agreed to be bought out by private equity firms for $5.3 billion has stirred a frenzy of activity in the big data integration community. For those working at data integration startups, the news represented a death knell of sorts for “old style” ETL and the recognition that newer data integration technologies and techniques are here to stay. “Rest in Peace Old ETL” says Darren Cunningham, a former Informatica manager who now heads up product management Read more…

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