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Hadoop’s Next Big Battle: Apache Versus ODP

Apr 24, 2015 |

  When the Open Data Platform launched in February, it effectively split the Hadoop community down the middle, with Hortonworks, Pivotal, and IBM throwing in with the ODP, and MapR and Cloudera keeping their chips on the Apache Software Foundation. The future of Hadoop is still very much an open question, and how the ODP-ASF split plays out could be a big factor in Hadoop’s future. Everybody seems to agree that the Apache Software Foundation has done an admirable job Read more…

From Spiders to Elephants: The History of Hadoop

Apr 15, 2015 |

Have you ever wonder where this thing called Hadoop came from, or even why it’s here? Marko Bonaci has wondered such things, too. In fact, he wondered about them so much that he decided to write a History of Hadoop chapter for his upcoming book, “Spark in Action.” Bonaci’s History of Hadoop starts humbly enough in 1997, when Doug Cutting sat down to write the first edition of the Lucene search engine. In 2000, Cutting placed Lucene into the open Read more…

Why Cybersecurity Needs Big Data Tech, Especially Hadoop

Apr 9, 2015 |

When cyber criminals really started ramping up their activities several years ago, security experts realized they needed bigger and better tools if they had any hope of slowing them down. In the wake of 2014, or “The Year of the Data Breach,” it’s clear those efforts largely failed, which is why so many security experts today are banking their hopes on Hadoop. Cybersecurity has become a big data problem because the size and complexity of the data has simply grown Read more…

Deep Gooses MySQL Performance with New Database Math

Apr 7, 2015 |

Deep Information Sciences today unveiled a new storage engine for MySQL that it claims will blow any other database engine out of the water in performance and scalability. The secret to creating a 1 trillion row database or ingesting data at the heady rate of 60 million rows per minute, they say, is the total elimination of 1970s-style math from the stack. Despite the recent proliferation of new database management systems, such NoSQL and NewSQL databases, most databases today use Read more…

AtScale Claims to Mask Hadoop Complexity for OLAP-Style BI

Apr 7, 2015 |

AtScale came out of stealth mode today with new software designed to trick business intelligence tools into thinking that Hadoop is a standard database upon which they can perform OLAP-style analysis, as opposed to the huge distributed file system that it really is. Business intelligence tools like Tableau, Qlik, TIBCO Spotfire, and Microstrategy weren’t designed with Hadoop in mind, but they’re commonly used to analyze data stored in HDFS just the same. In response to this demand, the Hadoop community Read more…

News In Brief

AI Developer Touts ‘Artificial Precognition’

Apr 24, 2015 |

A U.K. analytics startup developing a proprietary application it calls “artificial precognition” said this week it has released the platform for testing. London-based Massive Analytic said its Oscar AP artificial intelligence platform was being made available for beta testing so partners can use the tool to analyze business moves and predict the outcomes of those decisions. Oscar AP, which runs on native Hadoop, is billed as a kind of artificial intelligence “trusted advisor” capable of analyzing a company’s business operations Read more…

Grad Schools Move to Fill Data Skills Gap

Apr 24, 2015 |

Graduate programs in data science are popping up across the country—some of them offered online—while some universities are elevating the status of their data science programs within computer science programs and backing these efforts with major investments. Earlier this month, the University of Massachusetts launched at Amherst launched its Center for Data Science that will begin offering a master’s degree next year. The school has raised $100 million to hire 40 new faculty members over the next decade, doubling its Read more…

Lavastorm Pushes Analytics Collaboration

Apr 22, 2015 |

An upgraded analytics engine rolled out this week by Lavastorm seeks to deliver greater transparency in how analytics are created as a way to repair what the company argues is a “disjointed” process of creating and sharing analytic applications. Boston-based Lavastorm touts its Analytics Engine 6.0 as promoting transparency as a way to encourage collaboration among the authors and users of analytic programs. To that end, the latest version of the analytics engine includes data flow logic and interim data Read more…

WANdisco Opens Up the Dance Floor Beyond Just Hadoop

Apr 21, 2015 |

WANdisco today launched WANdisco Fusion, its new flagship data replication product for Hadoop. The new software delivers real-time replication of data not just among plain-vanilla Hadoop clusters, but also among HDFS-compatible file systems, such as those used by MapR Technologies, EMC Isilon, Amazon S3, and Teradata. WANdisco made its name in the Hadoop world with NonStop Hadoop, which provided very fast and reliable data replication for enterprises like banks that required strong high availability and disaster recovery capabilities with its Read more…

Experfy: The Uber of Big Data Projects

Apr 20, 2015 |

Starting a big data analytics project can be tough, especially for mid-size firms that can’t justify the cost of a full-time data scientist and don’t want to deal with traditional consulting firms. But a company called Experfy is finding success by emulating the sharing-economy model popularized by Uber, and matching freelance data scientists with analytic projects of clients. Experfy came out of the Harvard Innovation Lab about a year ago with the goal of creating a marketplace for high-end consulting Read more…

This Just In

Apache Unveils Hadoop 2

Oct 17, 2013 |

Apache Software Foundation, which oversees the 150 or so open source projects under the famous Apache umbrella, this week announced Hadoop 2 – the latest version of the popular software framework for distributed computing.