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The NoSQL Tech Behind Vivint’s Smart Home

Jun 29, 2016 |

Here at MongoDB World in New York City, several providers of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are sharing stories of how they use the NoSQL database. One of the most interesting IoT use cases involves Vivint, which is the largest provider of smart home solutions in the country. Read more…

Will the Fall of ‘Society’s Genome’ Trigger the Next Dark Age?

Jun 20, 2016 |

Over the past 20 years, we’ve witnessed a remarkable transformation of our society, and digital information is at the very heart of it. But what if we were to suddenly lose all this data that we’ve amassed, or a big chunk of it? Read more…

The Growing Menace of Data Hoarding

Jun 13, 2016 |

One of the downsides of living and working in a data-rich environment is the desire to squirrel away every last bit and byte for future use. Thanks to cheap storage systems such as Amazon S3 and Hadoop, it’s technically possible to store every piece of data you’ve collected. Read more…

IBM Seeks Data Science Unity with New Spark-Based ‘Experience’

Jun 7, 2016 |

IBM today launched what it’s calling the first enterprise application for data science collaboration. Called the Data Science Experience, the free, cloud-based offering is aimed at enabling data scientists to perform tasks like prepping data and building machine learning models in an open and shared environment. Read more…

Unstructured Data Miners Chase Silver with Deep Learning

Jun 3, 2016 |

The traditional approach to mining unstructured data typically involves training machine learning models upon high-quality “gold standard” data that’s been meticulously groomed. But thanks to innovations in deep learning, more insight may be extracted at less cost by training upon larger amounts of raw data, or what’s being called “silver standard” Read more…

News In Brief

Machine Learning on Track with Rail Trials

Jul 20, 2016 |

Boasting one of the most advanced rail networks in the world, Japan is investigating the use of artificial intelligence and a machine learning technology approach that would attempt to add what promoters call a “train time delay” Read more…

Crunchy Data Container Suite Packages PostgresSQL

Jun 28, 2016 |

PostgreSQL databases can now be run and managed on Linux containers in cloud-native architectures with the release to the open source community of a database container suite.

Open source PostgresSQL specialist Crunchy Data announced its embraced of distributed cloud applications during this week’s Red Hat Summit in San Francisco. Read more…

Talend Rolls New Cloud Data Manager Platform

Jun 27, 2016 |

The latest version of a data integration tool released this week by management software specialist Talend offers “self-service” data preparation while helping shift more big data workloads to the cloud. Read more…

Gartner: Role of Analytics in Security is Growing

Jun 15, 2016 |

As corporate and, more recently, university IT networks are bombarded with malicious code and other forms of cyber attacks, network managers are being forced to rely more heavily on a range of emerging security technologies to monitor suspicious activity on networks and cloud infrastructure. Read more…

Oracle Extends Buying Spree With Opower Deal

May 4, 2016 |

Oracle extended its reach into the industrial and analytics sectors this week with the acquisition of Opower, an energy analytics company and provider of cloud services to utilities in a deal worth about $532 million. Read more…

This Just In

Snowflake Reports New Product Innovations and Strategic Partnerships

Jul 20, 2016 |

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 20 — Snowflake Computing, the cloud data warehousing company, concludes its first half of 2016 with the acquisition of new customers, including, University of Notre Dame, CapSpecialty and PDX. Read more…

Latest Version of the Striim Platform Unveiled

Jul 12, 2016 |

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 12 — Striim, Inc., today announced that it has launched version 3.6.1 of its end-to-end streaming integration + intelligence platform. This mega release delivers significant advances in streaming data integration, with a focus on enterprise-grade deployments and enhanced ease of use. Read more…

PHEMI Releases New Big Data White Paper

Jul 12, 2016 |

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 12 — PHEMI, developer of enterprise-grade big data privacy, governance, and management solutions, today released a new white paper, Healthcare Big Data Warehouse in the Cloud. Read more…

Qubole and WANdisco Launch Cloudera Migration Program

Jul 11, 2016 |

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., July 11 — Qubole, the big data-as-a-service company, today announced the launch of its Cloudera Migration Program to assist enterprises in expanding their use of big data by leveraging the advantages of the cloud. Read more…

Datadog Announces Expanded Support for Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Jul 11, 2016 |

July 11 — Datadog, the essential monitoring service for dynamic cloud infrastructure, today announced expanded support for the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Following the release of Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) – the latest way to deploy virtual machines on the platform – Datadog will now support Microsoft Azure SQL Database as well as cloud servers deployed through ARM. Read more…