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Webinar: Data Management for Advanced Analytics and More from SAS and Hortonworks

Dec 17, 2015 |

As rearview analysis moves into our rearview mirror, it’s time to explore the new world of iterative and exploratory analysis. Join us as we discuss how Hortonworks and SAS work in concert to bridge the gap between data sources and advanced analytics.

Which Type of SSD is Best: SATA, SAS, or PCIe?

Dec 3, 2015 |

So you’ve decided to implement solid state drives (SSDs) to speed up your access to data. That’s great! But now comes the tough part: picking the right drive to use. There are a variety of types of SSDs, including those that use SAS, SATA, and PCI-Express interfaces, all of which carry their own benefits and drawbacks. Implementing a SSD is one of the best ways to make your server run faster. Despite the fact that they cost about 5 times as Read more…

Why Big Data Is a ‘How’ at UPS, Not a ‘What’

Oct 26, 2015 |

“Take care of little things and big things will take care of themselves.” That was the advice shared by UPS’ Senior Director of Process Management Jack Levis, who presented a keynote Monday at SAS Analytics 2015 conference about the company’s decades-long journey from descriptive to prescriptive analytics. Over a 40-year career at UPS, Levis has overseen the implementation of various analytics tools and techniques in the name of improving the massive logistics operation at UPS, the 108-year-old global shipping giant Read more…

A Tournament of Machine Learning Champions

Jun 16, 2015 |

Behind today’s powerful predictive applications are machine learning models that identify patterns in the data. But getting these models trained and tuned is not an easy process. Analytics giant SAS thinks it has a solution with a new offering called Factory Miner that allows you to run tournaments to pick the best machine learning model for a particular data set. Factory Miner lets users build and test a slew of different machine learning models using seven different algorithm families. Testing more Read more…

Eight Ways Analytics Powers Fraud Detection

Jan 30, 2014 |

Fraud is a fact of life in companies around the world. Whether you work in financial services, retail, or manufacturing, there is somebody trying to rip off your company in one way or another. Armed with the right data analytics, however, companies have a fighting chance to detect the fraud as it occurs within their own company.

HortonWorks Reaches Out to SAS and Storm

Oct 18, 2013 |

Hortonworks this week revealed a new partnership with SAS that will enable the analytics giant to use its tools to analyze data stored in Hortonworks’ Hadoop distribution. It also announced plans to integrate the Apache Storm stream processing engine into its distribution, and to ship a preview by the end of the year.

Hadoop Sharks Smell Blood; Take Aim at Status Quo

Jun 7, 2013 |

There may be blood is in the water as major Hadoop sharks, Cloudera and MapR, roll out new campaigns and messaging aiming directly at the turf of the traditional database management systems. Does their hype match up with reality? Not everyone thinks so.

The Transformational Role of the CIO in the New Era of Analytics

Jun 6, 2013 |

Computing is still in its infancy, says Keith Collins, CTO for SAS, who believes that analytics and “big compute” are the new paradigm for the foreseeable future. Datanami spoke with Collins about the shift that is underway and what it means for organizations that are experiencing this evolution.

Data Governance Gone Wild

Mar 8, 2013 |

While the art and science of data governance is nothing new, organizations in the era of big data are finding themselves facing some unprecedented challenges. Some argue that not adapting to new needs could cost companies big money, not to mention their precious data.

SAS Sticks Stats to Metal with HDFS

Oct 16, 2012 |

Last week we sat down the with CTO of SAS, Keith Collins and the lead architect behind the company’s High Performance Analytics Servers to discuss the integration of parallelization capabilities via HDFS before unraveling some larger trends in analytics, which are being shaped by innovations in multi-core, big memory hardware approaches like…