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Eight Ways Analytics Powers Fraud Detection

Jan 30, 2014 |

Fraud is a fact of life in companies around the world. Whether you work in financial services, retail, or manufacturing, there is somebody trying to rip off your company in one way or another. Armed with the right data analytics, however, companies have a fighting chance to detect the fraud as it occurs within their own company.

HortonWorks Reaches Out to SAS and Storm

Oct 18, 2013 |

Hortonworks this week revealed a new partnership with SAS that will enable the analytics giant to use its tools to analyze data stored in Hortonworks’ Hadoop distribution. It also announced plans to integrate the Apache Storm stream processing engine into its distribution, and to ship a preview by the end of the year.

Hadoop Sharks Smell Blood; Take Aim at Status Quo

Jun 7, 2013 |

There may be blood is in the water as major Hadoop sharks, Cloudera and MapR, roll out new campaigns and messaging aiming directly at the turf of the traditional database management systems. Does their hype match up with reality? Not everyone thinks so.

The Transformational Role of the CIO in the New Era of Analytics

Jun 6, 2013 |

Computing is still in its infancy, says Keith Collins, CTO for SAS, who believes that analytics and “big compute” are the new paradigm for the foreseeable future. Datanami spoke with Collins about the shift that is underway and what it means for organizations that are experiencing this evolution.

Data Governance Gone Wild

Mar 8, 2013 |

While the art and science of data governance is nothing new, organizations in the era of big data are finding themselves facing some unprecedented challenges. Some argue that not adapting to new needs could cost companies big money, not to mention their precious data.

SAS Sticks Stats to Metal with HDFS

Oct 16, 2012 |

Last week we sat down the with CTO of SAS, Keith Collins and the lead architect behind the company’s High Performance Analytics Servers to discuss the integration of parallelization capabilities via HDFS before unraveling some larger trends in analytics, which are being shaped by innovations in multi-core, big memory hardware approaches like…

Cisco Links Innovation to Analytics Automation

Aug 2, 2012 |

The keys to innovation in big data include increased automation in analytics and emerging markets with young, tech-savvy populations that are moving toward urban areas like that of India’s. Such is the opinion of Cisco’s Chief Globalization…

Chips, Stats & Stones: A Morning with SAS CEO Dr. Jim Goodnight

Jul 3, 2012 |

Last week, we sat down for a recorded interview with Dr. James Goodnight, CEO and co-founder of the SAS Institute that is shared here, but more importantly, we spent time on the campus, riding around with Dr. Goodnight, poking into a $70 million datacenter, and chatting about what really excites him; chips, stats and rocks….

Pulling Big Insurance Into the In-Memory Fold

May 22, 2012 |

SAS, SAP and others are at the forefront of delivering their message about the speed and scalability powers of in-memory platforms for businesses that require near real-time operations on massive, diverse data sets–both running within Hadoop and popular databases. This week SAS reached out to the insurance…

This Week’s Big Data Big Ten

May 11, 2012 |

On tap this week are announcements from the high performance computing camp wherein four companies, including AMAX and Mellanox developed a big data appliance. Also, short details on the new analyst view of the booming Hadoop ecosystem, SAS and their text mining push and much more…