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Making Sense of the ODP—Where Does Hadoop Go From Here?

Feb 24, 2015 |

It was no coincidence that Hortonworks and Pivotal unveiled Open Data Platform last week at the start of Strata + Hadoop World, which is Cloudera’s semi-annual parade to everything Hadoop. But now that the dust has settled on that bombshell, let’s look a little closer at the ODP, the organization’s key members, and what it means to the Hadoop stack and ecosystem going forward. To recap: the ODP was unveiled one week ago by Pivotal, Hortonworks, IBM, and 12 other Read more…

The Wild West and Last Frontier of Big Data

Feb 23, 2015 |

We are in the Wild West of big data. The speed of processing keeps getting faster, while the volume of data that can be processed is beyond what could have been imagined just a few years ago. The Last Frontier of big data, meanwhile, is the discovery of value hidden in disparate data sources that have yet to be blended and harmonized. Just like the gold-seeking pioneers from centuries past, big data pioneers who embrace this challenge and blaze their Read more…

Outsmarting Wine Snobs with Machine Learning

Feb 20, 2015 |

For most of us, picking good wine is a bit like picking ponies: Everybody has a method, but at the end of the day, they results aren’t much better than chance. But one budding wine connoisseur/hacker at a big data analytics firm thinks he may have landed upon an approach to predicting the quality of wine. His secret? Machine learning. When he’s not solving big data problems or riding his road bike, H2O’s Alex Tellez enjoys exploring the world of Read more…

The Data Foundation Driving YPlan’s Growth

Feb 2, 2015 |

The effective access and use of data company-wide is paramount for a company like us. At YPlan we supply a “going out” app that enables users to find and book events on short notice. We strive to provide the best content in every city so users wondering what to do at any given moment will find a variety of compelling events or outings from which to choose. Because we use data on a daily basis, every employee must be able Read more…

Who’s Buying Into Big Data? It’s Not Who You Might Think

Jan 23, 2015 |

In any fast-moving technological field, there’s going to be a fairly wide distribution between those who believe the hype and push its adoption, and those who move forward cautiously. But according to a new report from Teradata, the “perception gap” for big data is quite large and is hurting organization’s ability to take advantage of data analytics. In a new report called “The Virtuous Cycle of Big Data,” Teradata says it’s none other than the chief executives who are wearing Read more…

News In Brief

Patriots Vs. Seahawks: The Big Game by the Numbers

Jan 30, 2015 |

Nobody knows what will happen when the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots take the field on Sunday for Super Bowl XLIX.  But thanks to data analytics, we can get an idea how certain aspects of the teams match up. In these two visualizations from Tableau Software, we can see how the Patriots and Seahawks line up against each other. In the first viz (below), the data shows the Pats’ offense and the Hawk’s defense are clearly the superior units. Read more…

MapR Ponies Up with Free Hadoop Training

Jan 27, 2015 |

Hadoop is hard. There’s just no way around it. Without a set of specific technical skills, the chances of somebody developing or running a Hadoop cluster are not good. A new training program unveiled today by MapR Technologies may help to put a dent in the pent-up demand for Hadoop skills. MapR Technologies‘ Hadoop On-Demand Training is an online program designed to give developers, analysts, and administrators real-world Apache Hadoop skills. The program, which you can read more about at Read more…

Gumshoes, Too, Are Drowning in Data

Dec 5, 2014 |

Private eyes, that is, the gumshoe variety stereotypically clad in trench coats and a fedora, are experiencing their own unique set of problems adapting to the Era of Big Data and what the “private investigation industry” (who know there was one?) considers overly restrictive privacy laws. It’s an example of having a bad time dealing with a good problem: Too much hidden data buried in public records is making it harder to find clues needed to crack a case, collect Read more…

Dairy Industry Asks: Got Big Data?

Oct 31, 2014 |

The bucolic days of the family dairy farm are long gone. Even in places like “America’s Dairyland” (aka, Wisconsin), huge dairy operations that milk thousands of Holstein cows twice a day are an increasingly common site. These days, the dairy industry is all about production. Enter big data technology as “big dairy” becomes the primary supplier of milk, cheese and, at least in the author’s home state, fried cheese curds. Among the big data applications being embraced by corporate farmers Read more…

S. Korea Eyes Big Data to Reduce Car Accidents

Oct 8, 2014 |

Among the many striking features of the bustling city of Seoul, South Korea, are its connectedness, a function of its extensive deployment of broadband networks, and its roaring, non-stop traffic. An electronic sign in the city’s shopping district actually keeps track of the number of Korean auto fatalities. The total seemingly increases by the minute. Hence, the Korean government wants to use spatial, weather and other big data sources to provide drivers with what officials call an accident forecast service Read more…

This Just In

Datawatch to Speak at Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit

Mar 6, 2015 |

CHELMSFORD, Mass., March 6 — Datawatch Corporation, a leading global provider of visual analytics solutions, announced the company’s CMO, Ben Plummer, will speak at the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit 2015 in London, UK. The session titled “Visual Analytics for Any Data at Real-Time Speed” is scheduled for Tuesday, March 10th at 11:00 a.m. The discussion will focus on how the ability to prepare, incorporate and visualize multi-structured data for visual analysis is essential to making more meaningful and timely business decisions. Datawatch’s Visual Analytics platform provides the Read more…

Yahoo! JAPAN to Launch Data Platform Based on HDP

Mar 5, 2015 |

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 5 — Hortonworks, the leading contributor to and provider of Apache Hadoop, today announced it has expanded its customer base in Asia with the addition of Yahoo! JAPAN, a leading digital property focused on making the world’s daily habits inspiring and entertaining. Yahoo! JAPAN will launch a comprehensive data platform based on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), building one of the largest Hadoop clusters in Japan. In addition, Yahoo! JAPAN will engage in deep joint engineering with Hortonworks, ultimately contributing back to the Apache Software Foundation Read more…

Special Edition of IJHAC Seeking Submissions

Mar 5, 2015 |

March 5 — Forty years on from the advent of digital humanities computing, there is a flood of case-study work that explores specific instances of computational methods (e.g. close and distant reading via textual analysis, visualization methods for social networks, etc.) being developed and then utilized within the digital humanities. Yet, despite this cross-pollination of methodology to the humanities, little has been done to discuss methodology outside of the project-based context in either the contemporary or future contexts. We know Read more…

MapR Submits TPCx-HS Benchmark for Hadoop on Cisco UCS

Mar 4, 2015 |

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 4 — MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the top-ranked distribution for Apache Hadoop, today announced that it has established the standard for high-performance Hadoop with the release of the industry’s first benchmark results for big data systems from TPC (Transaction Processing Performance Council). The TPC Express Benchmark HS (TPCx-HS) results were based on a configuration of the MapR Distribution including Hadoop running on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). Cisco is also now reselling the MapR Read more…

Alpine Data Labs Announces 2014 Results

Mar 3, 2015 |

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., March 3 — Alpine Data Labs, the leader in Advanced Analytics for Big Data, today announced record results for all of 2014. The company delivered explosive growth across all business metrics, highlighted by more than a 10X year over year growth in annual billings and subscriber count. The company further confirmed the acceleration of its business by noting that software bookings for its most recent quarter exceeded results for all of 2013. The record growth was fueled by Read more…