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9 Places to Get Big Data Now

Jan 29, 2015 |

Discussions of big data often revolve around what new technologies and processes people are using to analyze data. Hadoop, in-memory databases, and machine learning algorithms are getting lots of attention in this regard. But sometimes we tend overlook the most important ingredient in big data analytics: the data itself. Much of big data that organizations want to analyze exists within their own four walls. Relational databases make great repositories for structured data like account records, orders, and customer lists. Depending Read more…

Taming the Wild Side of Hadoop Data

Jan 28, 2015 |

Organizations are attracted to Hadoop because it lets them store huge amounts and different types of data, and worry about structuring it later. But that “anything goes” philosophy has a downside, and can threaten to turn a big data lake into bottomless pit. Today Hortonworks unveiled a plan to give data management on Hadoop just a bit more structure. Dubbed the Data Governance Initiative (DGI), Hortonworks aims to lead the development of new open source software that help organizations track Read more…

Interana Nabs $20M to Continue Work on Time-Series Analytics

Jan 21, 2015 |

Hadoop may be the top headliner when it comes to big data analytics, but it’s not the only game in town. A case in point is Interana, a Silicon Valley startup that today unveiled $20 million in funding to ramp up development of its tool for exploring massive amounts of time-series data. Interana‘s software is based on a distributed column-based database that enables fast access to vast amounts of time-series data. Running on X86 servers, the database itself can process Read more…

Pulling Insights from Unstructured Data – Nine Key Steps

Jan 16, 2015 |

Data, data everywhere, but not a drop to use. Companies are increasingly confronted with floods of data, including “unstructured data” which is information from within email messages, social posts, phone calls, and other sources that isn’t easily put into a traditional column. Making sense and actionable recommendations from structured data is difficult, and doing so from unstructured data is even harder. Despite the challenge, the benefits can be substantial. Companies that commit to examining unstructured data that comes from devices Read more…

Graph Databases Everywhere by 2020, Says Neo4j Chief

Jan 15, 2015 |

In a market rife with disruptive innovation, perhaps nothing will be as groundbreaking over the next five years as the widespread adoption of graph databases, according to Neo Technology CEO Emil Eifrem. Just four years since its founding, Neo Technology has risen to the top of the graph database heap, which itself has seen a remarkable amount of growth compared to other database types (see fig. 1). The company’s product, called Neo4j, is arguably the most mature of the graph Read more…

News In Brief

VoltDB Reaches Out to Hadoop for Fast Data Analytics

Jan 28, 2015 |

VoltDB has made a name for itself by building a fast in-memory distributed relational database that processes transactions and does some real-time analytics too. With today’s launch of VoltDB version 5, the company is smoothing its integration with Hadoop in hopes of helping customers connect the dots between big data and fast data analytics. Hadoop is increasingly the repository for organization’s big unstructured data, such as call logs, click streams, and location information. All that stuff goes into the Hadoop Read more…

Why Machine Learning Is A Priority for Andreessen Horowitz in 2015

Jan 26, 2015 |

Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz are legendary in the Silicon Valley, having invested early in firms like Twitter, Facebook, Box, Skype, and Groupon. So when the Sand Hill Road experts with an eye for picking winners put machine learning near the top of its list of trends to watch out for in 2015, it was a cue that the technology is on the cusp of having a breakout year. The way that Andreessen Horowitz sees things, machine learning and big data Read more…

Oracle Rejiggers Exadata for Emerging In-Memory Workloads

Jan 22, 2015 |

Organizations that adopt the latest generation of Oracle’s engineered systems will have more flexible configuration and licensing options available to them than previous generations. That will make it more cost effective to run emerging in-memory workloads, such as operational analytics, the company says. At a live launch event in Redwood City, California, Oracle chairman and CTO Larry Ellison unveiled the X5 generation of its various all-in-one server platforms. The Exadata Database Machine is headlining this new generation, and backed up Read more…

Cloudera Teams with Google to Run Dataflow on Spark

Jan 20, 2015 |

Cloudera and Google today announced that they’re working together to get Dataflow–the big data pipeline model Google publicly launched last June–to run on Apache Spark, thereby giving customers more freedom to run their big data applications wherever they see fit. Google Cloud Dataflow is a managed service for creating data pipelines that ingest, transform, and analyze massive amounts of data, in either batch or streaming modes, using the same SDK and API. The service is based internal Google technologies like Read more…

Predicting Consumer Behavior Drives Growth of Text Analytics

Jan 16, 2015 |

Retailers are getting hip to the latest fashion—using text analytics to predict what consumers are going to do and buy next. According to a new report by Allied Market Research, predictive analytics in the retail sector will be responsible for nearly a third of growth of the overall text analytics market. That market could grow 25 percent a year annually through 2020, when it may account for $6.5 billion in spending by organizations, they say. Predictive analytics will be big Read more…

This Just In

PMC Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2014 Results

Jan 30, 2015 |

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan 30 — PMC-Sierra, Inc. (PMC) the semiconductor and software solutions innovator transforming networks that connect, move and store big data, today reported results for the fourth quarter and full year ended December 27, 2014. Net revenues in the fourth quarter of 2014 totaled $136.9 million, an increase of one percent from $135.5 million in the third quarter of 2014 and an increase of 7.9 percent, compared to $126.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2013. Storage product revenues in the Read more…

Datawatch Announces First Quarter 2015 Financial Results

Jan 29, 2015 |

CHELMSFORD, Mass., Jan. 29 — Datawatch Corporation, a leading global provider of visual data discovery solutions, today announced that total revenue for its first fiscal quarter of 2015 ended December 31, 2014 was $6.96 million, a decrease of 21% from revenue of $8.81 million in the first quarter a year ago. License revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2015 was $3.18 million, a decrease of 42% from the $5.43 million recorded in the comparable quarter a year ago. Net Read more…

SAS Achieves Record Revenue in 2014

Jan 29, 2015 |

CARY, N.C., Jan. 29 — Growing customer demand for cloud analytics and data visualization in 2014 were among the top drivers for SAS’ 39th consecutive year of revenue growth. SAS posted US$3.09 billion, up 5.1 percent in constant currency (2.3 percent US dollars) over 2013. “SAS is the market leader in analytics, and we plan to stay there,” said SAS CEO Jim Goodnight. “SAS Cloud Analytics lets customers take full advantage of the cloud, and we are blazing trails with big Read more…

Antuit Secures $56M in Funding

Jan 22, 2015 |

Jan. 22 — Antuit Holdings Pte Ltd (“Antuit”), a global, Big Data solutions company headquartered in Singapore, announced today it has secured an investment of up to $56 million led by Goldman Sachs, a leading global investment bank, and Zodius Capital (“Zodius’), an original founding investor. The funding will support further global expansion through organic growth and acquisitions. Founded in 2013 by CEO Arijit Sengupta and Neeraj Bhargava, CEO and Senior Managing Director of Zodius, Antuit is an execution-oriented Big Data solutions firm that enables enterprise clients to Read more…

Glassbeam Details 2014 Milestones

Jan 21, 2015 |

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 21 — Glassbeam, Inc., the machine data analytics company, finished 2014 with significant corporate and product momentum, innovation and growth for the Internet of Things (IoT). The company continues to pave the way for advance machine learning and real-time analytics with its enhanced and cutting-edge IoT analytics platform — Glassbeam SCALAR. Additional yearly milestones include $2 million in funding, expansion of the company’s leadership team, new strategic partnerships, as well as industry recognition and accolades. As the Read more…