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The Bright Future of Semantic Graphs and Big Connected Data

Feb 8, 2016 |

The big data revolution is generating a mess of unruly data that’s difficult to parse and understand. This is to be expected–explosions don’t generally occur in a nice, orderly fashion, after all. But if the folks at Cloudera and Franz have their way, the world of connected data will become more accessible and useful when viewed through the lens of semantic graph technologies. Semantic graph technology is shaping up to play a key role in how organizations access the growing Read more…

Taming Unstructured Data with Cognitive Computing

Jan 15, 2016 |

Contending with unstructured data is no longer a priority reserved for the most well-financed, IT-savvy organizations, like Google and Facebook. As the world’s data continues to increase at nearly exponential rates, the reality is the majority of that data is unstructured and incongruent—in its native form—with time-honored tables and SQL-based modeling. The prominence of a critical confluence of technological forces including mobile, social, and the cloud has produced a situation in which the majority of unstructured data is created by Read more…

How a ‘Nuisance Variable’ Turned Into Potential Lifesaver

Jan 4, 2016 |

There are many rabbits to chase in the world of biomedical research—way too many for scientists to chase them all down in an orderly and methodical way. But thanks to the power of new big data techniques like topological data analysis, scientists are getting a glimpse of where some of the rabbit holes might lead. In the 1990s, scientists studying traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries embarked upon an ambitious multicenter research animal trial with the hope of finding new Read more…

Harnessing GPUs Delivers a Big Speedup for Graph Analytics

Dec 15, 2015 |

Looking for a quick way to boost the performance of your graph-based machine learning algorithms? If you run the algos atop the Blazegraph database, you will see your queries execute 200 to 300 times faster when you add the new GPU module unveiled today by SYSTAP, the company behind Blazegraph. The new Blazegraph GPU offering will help to solve big queries in life sciences, financial detection, and cyber security that can bog down graph databases running atop a traditional server Read more…

3 Major Things You Should Know About Apache Spark 1.6

Nov 30, 2015 |

Hundreds of fixes and new features made their way into Apache Spark 1.6, which was announced last week and is expected to ship in mid-December. But here are the three main things in Spark 1.6 that are most likely to affect you, according to the head of engineering and product at Databricks. 1. Automatic Memory Tuning Spark has always provided several tunable knobs that programmers and administrators can use to dial in the performance of their applications. As an in-memory Read more…

News In Brief

Big Data Spreading Everywhere Like Air, Deloitte Says

Jan 13, 2016 |

For some, the downward trend of the term “big data” on Web word counters and disappearance off hype curves is an indication that the phenomenon has past, that big data is now neither a problem to be solved nor an opportunity to be taken advantage of. But some smart folks see the situation differently, including those at Deloitte Consulting, who say big data has become like the air we breathe. Deloitte uses the phrase “everywhere analytics” to describe how the Read more…

Survey: Big Data Goes Mainstream

Jan 11, 2016 |

Financial services firms remain the biggest users of big data technologies in the most recent survey of adoption rates for Fortune 1000 companies. However, the annual survey by management consultant NewVantage Partners found that the life sciences and healthcare sectors are rapidly embracing big data, beginning to develop what it called a “robust data management capabilities” akin to those employed by the financial services sector for several decades. “It is clear that Big Data is now mainstream, and even the Read more…

New Databases Help Astronomers Probe the Universe

Jan 7, 2016 |

The observable universe became a bit more manageable this week when international astronomers moved to get their arms around their massive datasets through a partnership with the developers of the integrated Rule-Oriented Data System, or iRODS. Data scientists who developed the open source iRODS framework said it would provide astronomers studying the origins of our galaxy and mysterious dark matter with a better way to query their huge data volumes, store and retrieve data and metadata as well as transport Read more…

Europe Eyes Big Data for Sustainable Healthcare

Jan 4, 2016 |

A European drug research consortium expects to invest more than $5 billion over the next several years to apply big data techniques to speed up clinical drug trials while developing a sustainable healthcare delivery system. Under a program dubbed “Big Data for Better Outcomes,” the Innovative Medicines Initiative will distribute grants initially designed to streamline development of new drugs and treatments using big data approaches. The European Union and large European drug manufacturers will provide roughly equal funding to leverage Read more…

Analytics Startup Looks to Cut Prescription Drug Costs

Dec 16, 2015 |

A big data startup emerging from stealth mode this week is focused on helping company healthcare plans avoid increasingly common price spikes for prescription drugs. Oration, Foster City, Calif., said Wednesday (Dec. 16) its software tools is designed to help employees manage their prescriptions, find the cheapest version of a drug and place orders at pharmacies using mobile devices. The startup also announced an $11 million funding round led by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures. The investors Read more…

This Just In

Zettaset Boosts Big Data Protection for IBM Power Systems servers with Enterprise-Class Encryption for Hadoop and NoSQL Databases

May 20, 2015 |

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 20, – Zettaset, a leader in Big Data security, today announced it has successfully completed integration of Zettaset’s Big Data Encryption software solution, BDEncrypt™, with IBM’s Power Systems scale-out servers running Linux. IBM POWER8 customers seeking an encryption solution which is optimized for Big Data environments and distributed computing architectures including Hadoop and NoSQL can now utilize Zettaset BDEncrypt.  BDEncrypt with IBM Power Systems is designed to deliver a high level of compute performance and solution Read more…

PSC to Provide HPC Resources for Pitt Big Data Project

Oct 9, 2014 |

Oct. 9 — The National Institutes of Health has awarded the University of Pittsburgh an $11 million, four-year grant to lead a Big Data to Knowledge Center of Excellence, an initiative that will help scientists capitalize more fully on large amounts of available data and to make data science a more prominent component of biomedical research. The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center will provide HPC resources and expertise to support the effort. Much of science focuses on understanding the “why” or “how” Read more…