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9 Places to Get Big Data Now

Jan 29, 2015 |

Discussions of big data often revolve around what new technologies and processes people are using to analyze data. Hadoop, in-memory databases, and machine learning algorithms are getting lots of attention in this regard. But sometimes we tend overlook the most important ingredient in big data analytics: the data itself. Much of big data that organizations want to analyze exists within their own four walls. Relational databases make great repositories for structured data like account records, orders, and customer lists. Depending Read more…

Three Ways Big Data and HPC Are Converging

Jan 27, 2015 |

Big data is becoming much more than just widespread distribution of cheap storage and cheap computation on commodity hardware.  Big data analytics may soon become the new “killer app” for high performance computing (HPC). There is more to big data than large amounts of information.  It also pertains to massive distributed activities such as complex queries and computations (a.k.a analytics).  In other words, deriving value through computation is just as “big” as the size of the data sets themselves.  In Read more…

Rethinking Hadoop for HPC

Jan 26, 2015 |

Hadoop’s momentum has caught the eye of those in the high performance computing (HPC) community, who want to participate and benefit from the fast pace of development. However, the relatively poor performance and high latency of Hadoop applications is a real concern. To address the problem and make Hadoop a better fit for HPC resources, some are exploring how they can rewrite certain components of Hadoop in a more HPC-like manner. Those in the HPC world look at what’s happening Read more…

Can Big Data Give Us Bionic Brains?

Jan 20, 2015 |

The rise of big data and analytics promises to transform many aspects of our lives, chief among them how we synthesize data and make decisions. Some theorize that big data will augment our own cognitive capabilities to the point where it’s like we have bionic brains. According to Deloitte Analytics, the field of cognitive analytics is an extension of cognitive computing, and is made up of three main components: machine learning, natural language processing, and advanced analytics. These technologies, combined Read more…

Dato Aims to Unleash Machine Learning

Jan 8, 2015 |

The new year started with a bang for GraphLab, the big data analytics startup headquartered near Seattle. Today the company announced the completion of an $18.5 million Series B round of venture funding. It also just changed its name to Dato. CEO Carlos Guestrin gave Datanami the low down on the new name and the state of machine learning in a recent telephone briefing. “Our goal has been to make machine learning accessible to more and more people, to allow Read more…

News In Brief

Watson’s Take on the State of the Union

Jan 29, 2015 |

Every year, as the State of the Union address comes to a close, analysts, political correspondents and politicians alike come forward to offer unique take on the president’s speech. This year, however, one new voice is chiming in: that of IBM’s Watson. Using a recording of President Obama’s address, MSNBC tapped the IBM Watson User Modeling service (one of IBM’s Watson Developer Cloud services) to take a deeper look at the language, tone, and topics covered to compare its outlook Read more…

The Humanist’s Emerging Role in Big Data

Jan 21, 2015 |

The combination of big data and advanced analytics can help us find answers to questions that may otherwise stay unknown. But what questions are we asking of our big data sets, and what data are we using? The answers are important, and point to the need for a humanist’s touch in big data projects. In a recent TED talk and report, Susan Etlinger, a social media analytics expert at the Altimeter Group, elaborated on the need to understand the context Read more…

Kindergarten: The New Big Data Training Ground

Jan 8, 2015 |

A good education, it is often said, starts at home. And according to a new report, big data training should start in kindergarten. The earlier that educators start laying the foundation for the deep analytical skills required for the new data-driven economy, the better positioned tomorrow’s workforce will be to match the looming demand for data scientists. That’s the gist of a new report issued by the Oceans of Data Institute, which cited the 2011 McKinsey report that outlined the Read more…

‘Datathons’ Emerge as Training, Recruitment Tool

Nov 24, 2014 |

As a big data ecosystem begins to flourish, “datathons” are emerging as a way to attract future data scientists since participants are required during competitions to collaborate with team members from other disciplines. The latest example comes from Ireland where a university working with a regional bank recently awarded a “big data prize” to a pair of brothers studying the commercial applications of computer science. The brothers, Sam and Jeremy Bowles, computer science students at the Dublin Institute of Technology Read more…

Seeing the Forest For the Trees With Analytics

Nov 20, 2014 |

Climate science, with its seemingly unlimited number of variables, is tailored-made for closer scrutiny using big data tools. With that notion in mind, researchers at the University of Alberta have begun using streaming analytics software provided by IBM to detect, visualize and—most important for meteorologists and climate scientists—predict in real-time subtle changes in the environment. Canadian and international researchers working with the University of Alberta’s Enviro-Net project are attempting to monitor the impact of climate change on the world’s forests Read more…

This Just In

MapR Unveils Free On-Demand Training Program

Jan 27, 2015 |

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 27 — MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the top-ranked distribution for Apache Hadoop, today announced the availability of free Hadoop On-Demand Training for developers, analysts and administrators which represents a $50M in-kind contribution to the broad Hadoop community. The Hadoop training program is a multi-course curriculum designed to expand worldwide adoption of Hadoop technology. The curriculum provides engaging and interactive video lessons, hands-on exercises, labs and quizzes, enabling professionals to acquire valuable Hadoop skills and knowledge Read more…

BSC to Host BDEC Workshop

Jan 26, 2015 |

Jan. 26 — The workshop series on Big Data and Extreme-scale Computing (BDEC) is premised on the idea that we must begin to systematically map out and account for the ways in which the major issues associated with Big Data intersect with, impinge upon, and potentially change the national (and international) plans that are now being laid for achieving exascale computing. The goal is to help the international community develop a plan for building a partnership to provide the next generation of HPC Read more…

University of Alabama Utilizing SAS Data Visualization Technologies

Jan 22, 2015 |

CARY, N.C., Jan. 22 — By tackling real-world business challenges, University of Alabama students are poised to gain highly marketable analytical skills using the latest in SAS data visualization technologies. SAS, the leader in business analytics software, is donating software at no cost for use in the new Business Analytics Lab at the university’s Culverhouse College of Commerce. “Our goal at the college is to ensure that our students have the education and skills they need to succeed in their careers Read more…

RapidMiner Opens Modern Analytics Platform to Academia Worldwide

Jan 20, 2015 |

BOSTON, Mass., Jan. 20 — RapidMiner, the industry’s easiest-to-use Modern Analytics platform, today introduced RapidMiner Academia — a program that provides free use of the commercial version of its platform to students, professors, researchers and other academics at non-profit educational institutions. “‘Analytics. For Anyone.‘ is far more than our company tagline — it is part of our mission to help mitigate the shortfall of skilled analytic professionals — starting with empowering the next generation of data scientists,” said RapidMiner CEO Ingo Mierswa. McKinsey Global Institute estimates a Read more…

UT Introduces New Ph.D. Concentration in Analytics

Jan 13, 2015 |

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 13 – The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, announces the launch of a new Ph.D. concentration in analytics at the Haslam College of Business. The Ph.D. in analytics is structured with two years of coursework followed by students conducting a formal dissertation. The program begins in fall 2015. “The primary goal of the analytics doctorate is to provide qualified candidates with the intellectual and professional capabilities needed to pursue a research and teaching career in the rapidly growing field of analytics at Read more…