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March 04, 2013

FoundationDB's ACID Compliant NoSQL Available

VIENNA, Va., March 4 — FoundationDB today announced availability of its new ACID compliant, high-performance NoSQL database platform.
FoundationDB combines NoSQL scalability with multi-key ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) transactions. ACID transactions deal with concurrent traffic. This occurs when many users simultaneously read and write to the same dataset and can be a significant problem for Web, financial and Big Data applications, among others.
Most 1st-generation NoSQL databases do not support ACID transactions across multiple data elements and those that do support ACID make compromises, such as supporting only local transactions on a single piece of data.
This can result in inconsistent data and make developing reliable, scalable applications difficult for developers. FoundationDB supports high performance ACID transactions across all data within the database, allowing developers to more create reliable, highly-scalable applications.
FoundationDB scales to support millions of transactional operations per second on a distributed cluster of commodity servers. FoundationDB is able to support a diverse set of applications and data models through simple “layers” which map different data models onto FoundationDB’s ordered keys and values.
Built on a distributed shared-nothing architecture, FoundationDB has been engineered and  tested to handle machine failures, network problems, data balancing, adding new machines and many other operational tasks.
“There is a lot of thought behind FoundationDB," said Mike Davis, Principal Analyst at msmd advisors. "It addresses the limitations of current NoSQL databases regarding transactions, and because it is a data storage layer it is both fast and agnostic of the applications it serves.”
Developed over a three-year period including a year-long alpha testing program, FoundationDB is now freely available and ready for production use. FoundationDB supports Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows and includes APIs for C, Python, Ruby, Node.js and Java.
More than 700 participants participated in the 2012 Alpha test.

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