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This Week's Big Data Big Seven

This Week's Big Data Big Seven

June 15, 2012 | Datanami Staff

We wrap up this week with news about a new high performance, data-intensive supercomputer from SGI, new Hadoop announcements, including those from Hortonworks, Datameer, and Karmasphere, some software enhancements for big data infrastructure from ScaleOut and some other startup goodness--all with an eye on next week's International....Read more...

ScaleMP: News in Brief

Bar Set for Data-Intensive Supercomputing

Bar Set for Data-Intensive Supercomputing

December 8, 2011

This week the San Diego Supercomputer Center introduced the flash-based, shared memory Gordon supercomputer. Built by Appro and sporting capabilities at the 36 million IOPS range, the center's director made no mistake in stating that a new era of data-intensive science has begun.Read more...

ScaleMP: This Just In

ScaleMP Announces vSMP Foundation Version 5.5

February 26, 2014

ScaleMP, a leading provider of virtualization solutions for high-end computing, today announced the release of its latest version of the patented vSMP Foundation software, Version 5.5. In addition, new pricing has been announced as well as an open, online configurator.Read more...

ScaleMP: News in Brief

Big Data – Scale Up or Scale Out or Both

September 16, 2012

The “Big Data” term is generally used to describe datasets that are too large or complex to be analyzed with standard database management systems. When a dataset is considered to be a “Big Data” is a moving target, since the amount of data created each year grows, as do the tools (soft-ware) and hardware (speed and capacity) to make sense of the information. Many use the terms volume (amount of data), velocity (speed of data in and out) and variety of data to describe “Big Data”. Read more...


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Planning Your Dashboard Project

02/01/2014 | iDashboards

Achieve your dashboard initiative goals by paving a path for success. A strategic plan helps you focus on the right key performance indicators and ensures your dashboards are effective. Learn how your organization can excel by planning out your dashboard project with our proven step-by-step process. This informational whitepaper will outline the benefits of well-thought dashboards, simplify the dashboard planning process, help avoid implementation challenges, and assist in a establishing a post deployment strategy.

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Slicing the Big Data Analytics Stack

11/26/2013 | HP, Mellanox, Revolution Analytics, SAS, Teradata

This special report provides an in-depth view into a series of technical tools and capabilities that are powering the next generation of big data analytics. Used properly, these tools provide increased insight, the possibility for new discoveries, and the ability to make quantitative decisions based on actual operational intelligence.

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Webinar: Powering Research with Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining (KDD)

Watch this webinar and learn how to develop “future-proof” advanced computing/storage technology solutions to easily manage large, shared compute resources and very large volumes of data. Focus on the research and the application results, not system and data management.

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Video: Using Eureqa to Uncover Mathematical Patterns Hidden in Your Data

Eureqa is like having an army of scientists working to unravel the fundamental equations hidden deep within your data. Eureqa’s algorithms identify what’s important and what’s not, enabling you to model, predict, and optimize what you care about like never before. Watch the video and learn how Eureqa can help you discover the hidden equations in your data.

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