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MapR: News in Brief

MapR Embraces Co-Existence with Hadoop Update

MapR Embraces Co-Existence with Hadoop Update

February 11, 2014

MapR Technologies today unveiled new products based on the Hadoop version 2 codebase that it says will allow customers to continue to run MapReduce version 1 applications while also reaping the rewards of a post-YARN Hadoop world. The company also announced the capability to run the HP Vertica columnar analytic database directly on its Hadoop stack.Read more...

MapR: This Just In

MapR Adds Apache Spark Stack to Distribution for Hadoop

April 10, 2014

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the top-ranked distribution for Apache Hadoop, today announced a strategic partnership with Databricks and the addition of the complete Apache Spark technology stack to the MapR Distribution. The Spark in-memory processing framework provides speed, programming ease and real-time processing advantages.Read more...

WE-Ankor Signs Partnership Agreement with MapR

April 8, 2014

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the top-ranked distribution for Apache Hadoop, today announced that WE-Ankor, a highly regarded IT specialist based in Petach Tikva, has become a registered partner in Israel, which has a high potential and very promising market for big data and has started its first proof of concept project using the MapR Distribution for Hadoop.Read more...

MapR Expands Big Data Search with Elasticsearch

April 2, 2014

MapR Technologies, Inc., the top-ranked distribution for Apache Hadoop, and Elasticsearch Inc., the popular open source search and analytics solution, today announced the integration of Elasticsearch’s real-time search and analytics capability with the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop, enabling customers to search and store tremendous amounts of information in real time.Read more...

MapR Executives to Speak About Big Data, HBase, and Hadoop at Upcoming Conferences

March 25, 2014

MapR Technologies, Inc., the top-ranked distribution for Apache Hadoop, today announced it will present sessions about Big Data, HBase and Hadoop at upcoming events in April including: Big Data TechCon, Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit, and Apache Con.Read more...

Diyotta and MapR Team Up to Deliver High-Speed Big Data Integration

March 18, 2014

Diyotta, the leading provider of frictionless big data integration solutions for MPP data warehouse appliances and Hadoop, today announced it has entered into a partnership with MapR Technologies to provide customers the ability to seamlessly combine Diyotta’s Data Integration Suite with MapR’s proven, enterprise-grade Hadoop platform.Read more...

MapR Opens New Office

February 18, 2014

MapR Technologies, Inc., the leader in Apache Hadoop technology for big data deployments, today announced the expansion of its Asia Pac presence with the opening of an office in Korea located in Seoul. The company also appointed Daniel Kim to country manager to support the expansion of the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop in Korea.Read more...

Simba and MapR Expand Partnership

February 12, 2014

Simba Technologies Inc., the industry's source for standards-based relational and multi-dimensional data connectivity solutions, announced today at the 2014 Strata Conference that it renewed and broadened its partnership with MapR Technologies Inc. MapR is recognized as the leading Apache Hadoop innovator and is dedicated to providing the best Big Data processing capabilities.Read more...

MapR Introduces Latest Release Including Hadoop with YARN

February 11, 2014

MapR Technologies, Inc., the leader in Apache Hadoop technology for Big Data deployments, today announced at the O’Reilly Strata Conference: Making Data Work, the latest MapR Distribution including Hadoop 2.2 with YARN. YARN delivers next-generation resource management and is taken to the next level within a MapR cluster by combining flexible resource management with the reliability and real-time capability of MapR’s next-generation data platform.Read more...

H2O and MapR Partner

February 5, 2014

H2O, the open source in-memory machine learning and predictive analytics company for big data, today announced that its flagship H2O product is now certified on MapR Technologies Distribution for Apache Hadoop. Companies that deploy MapR can seamlessly run open source H2O advanced algorithms on data stored in Hadoop clusters without the need for data transfers. By combining the power of H2O’s in-memory prediction engine with a unified platform in MapR, users can get more value from their existing data and easily create models using familiar tools such as R, Python, Scala and Java.Read more...


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