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Dell Acquires StatSoft

March 24, 2014

Dell today announced the acquisition of StatSoft, a leading provider of advanced analytics solutions that deliver a wide range of data mining, predictive analytics and data visualization capabilities. StatSoft combines comprehensive statistical analysis with advanced analytics to help organizations better understand their businesses, predict change, increase agility and control critical systems.Read more...

Nexenta to Showcase Latest Software-Defined Storage Solutions at Dell World

December 10, 2013

Nexenta, the global leader of Software-Defined Storage (SDS) (#softwaredefinedstorage) solutions, today announced it will showcase its enterprise class, hardware-independent storage software at the Dell World IT Conference in Austin, TX, December 11 - 13, Kiosk #1E2B.Read more...

Altibase to Exhibit HDB In-Memory Database at Dell World

December 5, 2013

Dell World is a critical venue that will address the future direction of IT for global enterprises. Dell servers are ideal for Altibase to further grow its innovative In-Memory solutions in today’s demanding data-centric world. The event will showcase Altibase’s maturity, reliability and unmatched expertise in the In-Memory Database field.Read more...

WANdisco 100% Hadoop Uptime Solution Certified by Dell

August 14, 2013

WANdisco, a provider of high-availability software for global enterprises to meet the challenges of Big Data and distributed software development, announced it has completed integration and interoperability certification of its Apache Hadoop Non-Stop NameNode technology with Dell PowerEdge servers.Read more...

Dell Innovation to Drive Customer Success in Open Source Cloud and Big Data Environments

July 23, 2013

Building on its portfolio of open, flexible solutions, Dell today announced the expansion of key open source software and cloud initiatives including packaged commercial offerings around the OpenStack open source cloud project, the Hadoop open source big data project, and the Dell-led Crowbar and Dasein open source projects and communities, and new Cloud Transformation Services.Read more...

ServerPronto Partners With Dell on Custom Server Solutions

June 25, 2013

ServerPronto has partnered with Dell to offer customized, mission-critical hosting for enterprise solutions. From OpenStack private clouds to high-end gaming clusters to Big Data hosting and beyond, ServerPronto is now offering customized server solutions that blend reliability and cutting-edge technology with affordable pricing.Read more...

Dell Goes Beyond the Data to Add Identity Analysis to Integrated Data Governance Solution

June 10, 2013

Dell Software today announced the release of DellQuest One Identity Manager – Data Governance Edition Classification Module, the latest comprehensive solution that adds identity to the classification of unstructured data.Read more...

Pulsate Announces Big Data Collaboration with Dell, Intel, and Revolution Analytics

August 28, 2013

Asia-Pacific Big Data player Pulsate today announced a collaboration with industry majors Dell, Intel, and Revolution Analytics to set up a state-of-the-art Big Data Solutions Centre, Malaysia's first such initiative in the fast-emerging big data analytics arena.Read more...

Dell Software's Foglight APM Equips Both IT and the Business With Answers

May 28, 2013

Dell Software today announced the release of Foglight APM 5.9, which allows IT to see every step of a transaction for a complete picture of the end user’s experience with an application, combined with the exact execution path and other details through the entire application stack from the code and middleware, all the way down through the operating system and hypervisor.Read more...

Dell Redefines Workstation Computing Boundaries

May 16, 2013

Dell today announced an expanded and stronger Dell Precision workstation portfolio that includes the smallest tower workstation chassis in its class, the Dell Precision T1700 small form-factor, and the world’s most powerful rack workstation, the Dell Precision R7610.Read more...


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Video: Using Eureqa to Uncover Mathematical Patterns Hidden in Your Data

Eureqa is like having an army of scientists working to unravel the fundamental equations hidden deep within your data. Eureqa’s algorithms identify what’s important and what’s not, enabling you to model, predict, and optimize what you care about like never before. Watch the video and learn how Eureqa can help you discover the hidden equations in your data.

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